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Hire DJI Ronin-2 Power-Up Kit


Hire the DJI Ronin 2 with extra battery power to keep you shooting for longer.

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Our thoughts

'Experience Film-Making Freedom with the DJI Ronin-2 Power-Up Kit
Navigating the world of high-end videography requires precision, technical skill, and access to the right equipment. With the DJI Ronin-2 Power-Up Kit you get a tool that's designed to empower you and elevate your filmmaking. This kit is a testament to our belief in offering you equipment that seamlessly combines versatility, power, and simplicity. The DJI Ronin-2 is more than just a piece of kit ¬– it's your partner on set, ready to withstand the most testing of scenarios, delivering the performance you need, every time. '  


Key Features

• Powerful Performance: Engineered to support a broad range of cameras, the DJI Ronin-2 can resist high winds and g-forces with its upgraded high-torque motors, ensuring smooth, steady shots.
• Unmatched Versatility: Thanks to its newly designed detachable grip, the Ronin-2 stands independently and works seamlessly with cable cams, cranes, Steadicams, and more. This means you can explore your creativity without constraints.
• Ease of Use: Simplifying the filming process, the DJI Ronin-2 ensures swift and easy set-up from mounting cameras to balancing and tuning.
• Integrated Screen: It comes equipped with a dedicated ultra-bright touch-screen for viewing settings and making adjustments, ensuring you can fine-tune your setup rapidly and effectively.
• Intelligent Features: With its extensively refined Gimbal Assistant app, you can create content effortlessly. It offers full control and has new features like CamAnchor, Time Lapse and Panorama.
• Robust Build: Built to last, the Ronin-2 features a carbon fibre build for ultimate durability and performance in extreme weather conditions, making it the go-to equipment for filmmakers facing demanding shooting environments.

Experience the Power, Versatility, and Simplicity of the DJI Ronin-2

Embrace the Power
The DJI Ronin-2 is a powerhouse designed to let filmmakers capture the scene they envisage. This kit makes it possible to support a diverse range of cameras. With its upgraded high torque motors, the Ronin-2 can resist high winds and G-forces caused when mounted to a car for example. This robust resistance makes it your trusted companion for any ambitious shooting endeavour.

Enjoy the Versatility
Every filmmaker appreciates equipment that allows them to expand and diversify their portfolio and the Ronin-2 embraces this need for versatility. Its detachable grip – an all-new design element, allows it to stand up on its own and can be easily separated when the lower part of the hand grip is not needed. What's more, it's highly compatible with cable cams, cranes, and Steadicams. This feature means your creativity is no longer bound by the constraints of your equipment. 

Adjustments on the Go
Fine adjustments are a critical aspect of achieving a balanced shot. The Ronin-2 makes this a breeze with integrated adjustment knobs and a redesigned camera mounting base. It also features an ultra-bright touch-screen for adjustments, ensuring you can customise your setup rapidly and effectively.

Intuitive Control System
Harnessing the power of DJI’s technology, the Ronin-2 comes with an extensively refined, redesigned, and expanded Gimbal Assistant app. It not only helps you create content with minimum effort but also provides a more intuitive and easy-to-use full control system for the Ronin-2. New features like CamAnchor, Timelapse, and Panorama bring a fresh perspective to your shooting experience and to your finished footage.

Robust Build and Enhanced Reliability
The Ronin-2 has been designed with a keen focus on reliability. Made with carbon fibre, it performs optimally even in extreme weather conditions. The robust build ensures durability and longevity. The enclosed motor design, cable management, and battery features further enhance reliability, making it a stand-out performer in the most demanding shooting environments. (The Ronin RS-2 is weather resistant, not weatherproof.)

Uninterrupted Power Supply
Integrated power systems in the Ronin-2 are capable of powering its motors, the attached camera and accessories without the mess of dangling cables or multiple power systems. It uses a dual battery system that allows hot-swapping to keep the camera and accessories powered without stopping, maximising your shooting time. 

Conclusion - Realise Your Cinematic Vision with the DJI Ronin-2

Whether you're navigating the winds or dealing with g-forces when mounting on a car, the Ronin-2 stands up to the challenge, ensuring your shot is smooth and steady. Its high compatibility with cable cams, cranes, and Steadicams means that your cinematic vision can be as expansive as you wish. 

With its robust carbon fibre build, you get a tool that is reliable in the most shooting scenarios. The Ronin-2's self-heating batteries ensure stable power output in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C), providing complete reliability and keeping your shoot going.

The Ronin-2 takes the complexity out of your filming process, it's the epitome of simplicity, with every feature designed to amplify ease and speed.

We're passionate about helping filmmakers realise their vision, and we believe the DJI Ronin-2 Power-Up Kit is a perfect tool for that mission.

Description Quantity
Ronin 21
  -  Mains Lead (Kettle)1
  -  USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
  -  Gimbal1
  -  Rubber Port Cover (attached)2
  -  Cross Bar with 1/4" Thumb Turn1
  -  Grip Upper Section1
  -  Grip Lower Section with 2 Feet1
  -  Remote Controller with 2 Port Covers1
  -  Intelligent Battery TB502
  -  Dual Battery Mount with 2 Port Covers1
  -  Battery Charger (AC adapter with 2 outputs)1
  -  Quad Charging Hub with 2 Port Covers1
  -  Power Hub1
  -  Camera Top Cross Bar1
  -  Camera Base Plate1
  -  Accessory Mount with Red Thumb Screw1
  -  15mm Rod2
  -  15mm Focus Rod Mount with 2 Red Thumb Screws1
  -  Universal Mount1
  -  Top Mounting Block1
  -  Motion Block1
  -  Neck Strap1
  -  Black Flight Case with 2 Foam Layers1
  -  Accessory Bag1
  -  Aari Alexa Mini Power Cable1
  -  Aari Alexa Mini Start Stop Cable1
  -  RED Power Cable1
  -  RED RCP Control Cable1
  -  Ronin 2 Power Cable1
  -  2 Pin Power Cable1
  -  DC Power Cable1
  -  Triple P-Tap Break Out Box1
  -  SDI in Cable1
  -  SDI Out Cable1
  -  USB Type C Data Cable1
  -  U-Art to D.Bus Cable1
  -  3/16 Hex Key1
  -  3mm Hex Key1
  -  3/8 Screw5
  -  1/4" Mounting Screw5
  -  M4-10 Screw8
  -  M4-14 Hex Screw4
  -  Small Foam Cover (Part of Padded Foam)2
  -  1/4 screw4
Ronin / Inspire 2 TB50 Battery2
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