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Hire Ready Rig GS PRO-ARM KIT

Increased range of motion and weight support.

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Product Highlights:

Load Capacity Range of 1-40 lb
Vertical Axis Stabilization
Telescoping Carbon Fiber Support Arms
55" Boom Range
Compatible with Any Gimbal
Operate Gimbal Over- or Underslung
Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Construction
Slim, Compact Design

Use the Ready Rig GS Stabilizer + ProArm Kit to transfer the weight of a gimbal-mounted camera away from an operator's arms and shoulders. By redistributing the load to the user's hips and core, this rig enables you to extend your shooting time and lessens operator fatigue. It also reduces the bounce motion sometimes seen during handheld gimbal shots. The Ready Rig GS Stabilizer works with any gimbal in standard or underslung mode.

The Ready Rig ProArms increase the basic GS Stabilizer's load range from 30 to 40 pounds. They telescope from 23 to 37", producing an effective boom range of 55". For greater operating convenience, the ProArms also feature 1/4"-20 and 3/8-16" threads, enabling you to mount an onboard monitor to either arm.
The Ready Rig GS with ProArms features a load capacity range of 1 to 40 pounds, carbon fiber support arms, and an aluminum frame. Its slim, compact profile suits it for use in tight spaces and car interior shots. A soft, zippered carrying case is included with this kit.


Supports any gimbal or camera rig from 1 to 40 pounds
Adjustable arms telescope from 23 to 37", with an effective boom range of 55"
An onboard monitor can be mounted to the 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 threads on each arm
Provides vertical axis stabilization while reducing operator fatigue
Slim, lightweight design with carbon fiber support arms and aluminum components
Operate gimbal in over- or underslung configuration

Gimbal Support

  • Extended range of motion
  • Quick release connector for gimbals


  • Carbon Fiber Rods
  • 1000D Cordura pack exterior
  • Precision engineered aerospace grade aluminum & only quality American parts


  • Pass through a doorway or sit in a car with ease
  • Unpack and get to work right away
  • Light weight small footprint for travel
Description Quantity
Ready Rig Rucksack1
Ready Rig Main Body Unit1
Shoulder pad with pole clamp2
Extendable rod with middle and end clamps2
Circular metal thumb screws (at end of extension poles)2
Circular metal thumb screws (above mounting plate on body unit)4
Rubber thumb screws (on upper back section of body unit)2
Securing strap (for fastening shoulder pads to the body unit)2
Long stretch cords (attached to body unit)2
Short stretch cords (clipped on to extension arms)2
Mounting plate with 3 Allen bolts (attached to lower part of body unit)1
1600 / iM2975 Black Flight Case1
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