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Hire Tilta Advanced Ring Grip for DJI RS

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Our thoughts

'This powerful and versatile tool will transform your gimbal operations with ease and precision. Designed specifically for camera enthusiasts and professionals, this accessory provides unmatched stability, power, and convenience. Its unique features, such as its compatibility with V-mount batteries, left-side lens controls, and kickstands, redefine how you capture moments, create content, and tell your story.'  



Key Features:

• Custom Design for DJI Ronin
The Advanced Ring Grip is a multi-functional tool tailored specifically for DJI Ronin RS 2 and RS 3 Pro. This carbon fibre ring grip supports dual-handed remote control of the gimbal and the camera, promoting ease of use and better control.

• Lens Control with Zero Delay
Left handle of the Advanced Ring Grip supports Nucleus series lens control motors (not included). This allows you to control focus and zoom with utmost smoothness and precision.

• Optimal Control
The Advanced Ring Grip's right handle offers you full command over your gimbal and mode configurations, in addition to managing your camera's record and photo functionalities. This design detail guarantees a user-friendly experience and seamless operation.

• Constant Power Supply Equals More Productivity
The top handle bracket is designed to accommodate the DJI RS 2 or RS 3 battery grip. This ingenious feature allows you to provide power to your gimbal continuously, which enhances productivity and provides a longer battery life. This system allows you to power your camera without interruption.

• Reserved Space for Accessories
The Advanced Ring Grip incorporates tailored compartments for ARRI standard locating pins and cold shoes. This added capability enhances compatibility with an on-board monitor, microphone, and phone, thereby broadening its functionality. The RS 2 and the included kickstands allow you to set up effortlessly whenever you need to rest the device.

• Right and Left Hand Controls
The Advanced Ring Grip features gimbal joystick, M-Key, and camera control keys on the right handle. The left handle includes a menu key for switching interfaces, accessing settings, gimbal control, and sleep/awake modes.

• Get Going Fast with Quick Release Design
The Advanced Ring Grip is compatible with DJI RS 2's quick release design, ensuring efficiency and security.

In Detail:

Experience a surge in creative prowess with your DJI Ronin RS 2 or RS 3 Pro by integrating the Advanced Ring Grip. Crafted specifically for enhanced manoeuvrability, this unique accessory is a powerhouse of flexibility in driving the gimbal, equipping accessories, directing wireless follow focus motors, and orchestrating the gimbal body. The magic lies in the ring grip's ingenious design and carefully curated attributes that work in harmony with the DJI RS 2 and RS 3 Pro.

Regardless of your expertise level – be it a professional cinematographer or a budding filmmaking enthusiast – the Advanced Ring Grip can transform the way you engage with the DJI Ronin, opening up a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

The structure of the Advanced Ring Grip promotes stability through multiple points of contact when operating the RS 2 or RS 3 Pro. This stability is further enhanced with the included kickstands, designed to allow you to rest the gimbal after extended periods of use. This feature prevents operator fatigue, ensuring that you can keep creating quality content for longer.

The Advanced Ring Grip revolutionises the way you power the DJI Ronin. Whether you choose to use a V-mount battery or the gimbal's battery handle, you'll enjoy consistent power for your device. This reliable power source eliminates downtime on set and improves productivity. It also allows for quick transition to low-angle shots, adding versatility to your shooting.

The remote control handle, included with the Advanced Ring Grip, conveniently attaches to the right side of the Advanced Ring Grip. This allows you easy access to your gimbal's settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera. You'll be able to adjust the pan and tilt of your gimbal for maximum precision while operating. The focus wheel also enables you to control a DJI or Nucleus Series Lens Control Motor (not included) wirelessly.

The Advanced Ring Grip's left-side lens controls are designed to give you more command over your camera's functions. The dual channel wireless lens control handle can control two channels of the Nucleus Series Lens Control Motors (not included), giving you the power to easily adjust the focus, iris, or zoom on your lens.

Enhanced Power Management for Optimal Performance

With the Advanced Ring Grip for the DJI RS 2 and RS 3 Pro, a new level of power management comes into play. This accessory doubles as a power source, significantly boosting the battery life on set and ensuring uninterrupted shooting sessions. Its well-designed system permits you to power the DJI RS effortlessly, offering the ease of setup and breakdown that professionals demand.

The ring grip's top handle isn't just a practical component for handling your camera setup; it's ingeniously designed to serve as a power source too. This dual function not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces the amount of equipment you need to manage, allowing you to focus on what matters most and capture the perfect shot.

Using the Advanced Ring Grip, you can easily set the gimbal at any time, catering to a range of shooting scenarios. This ability offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, catering to both spontaneous and planned shots alike.

Description Quantity
2 x V-Lok + Twin Charger Kit1
  -  95Wh V-Lok Battery Pack2
  -  Twin sequential V-Lok Charger1
  -  Kettle Lead1
Advanced Ring Grip1
  -  iM2500 Black Flight Case1
  -  Top Bar (with thumb screw attached)1
  -  Lens Control Handle1
  -  Gimbal Control Handle1
  -  Base Bar (with 2 stand feet)1
  -  Link Module (with thumb screw attached)1
  -  Custom Foam Insert1
Ring Grip V Mount Plate1
  -  M3 Allen Bolt (attached)4
  -  Allen Key1
Power Supply Module For Ring Grip1
  -  3mm Allen Key for Accessory Plate Cover (in plastic tub)1
  -  M3 Allen Bolt (attached)4

Please take extreme caution when connecting P-Tap/DTap power cables to the power supply module as connecting cables backwards can damage the gimbal.

Gold battery mount not included.

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