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Hire Canon EOS 90D (OEM)

The Canon EOS 90D boasts a perfect balance of speed, image quality and portability – ideal for getting close to nature and capturing fast-moving sports.

Cropped sensor, EF-S and EF mount.

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Our thoughts

'In the dynamic world of photography, the Canon EOS 90D emerges as a versatile contender that bridges the gap between fervent enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. This capable Canon EOS 90D DSLR captures images with true precision, offering a subtle blend of technology and artistry. It’s designed to satiate the hunger for quality and speed, all wrapped up in familiar Canon ergonomics that promise reliability and performance.' 



Key Features:

• 32.5 Megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor: Capture life’s finest details with a sensor that delivers images rich in clarity and colour.

• 45 Cross-Type Autofocus Points: Experience lightning-fast focusing accuracy, even in challenging lighting conditions.

• Intelligent Optical Viewfinder:
Enjoy a clear and natural view of your subject, ensuring you never lose track of your focus point during those critical shots.

• Continuous Shooting up to 10fps: Perfect for action and wildlife, never miss a beat with high-speed image capture.

• 4K Video Recording: Bring cinematic storytelling to life with 4K quality and advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

• Vari-Angle Touchscreen: Compose shots from any angle with a screen that adapts to your perspective.

• Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Effortlessly share your creations and control your camera remotely using the Canon Camera Connect app for innovative shooting possibilities.

• ISO 25,600 Sensitivity Expandable to 51200: Master low-light photography with confidence and ease.

Canon 90D in Detail

The Canon EOS 90D stands as a testament to Canon’s commitment to photographers who demand excellence in both stills and video. With its 32.5 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the EOS 90D is adept at delivering images with high resolution, perfect for those detailed landscapes or for cropping in on distant subjects without a loss in image quality.

When action unfolds, the EOS 90D’s ability to shoot up to 10 frames per second, coupled with high ISO sensitivities and fast shutter speeds freeze moments with precision. The intelligent optical viewfinder offers a window into the action, providing 100% coverage, which is crucial for tracking those swift subjects.

For videographers, the EOS 90D is a compelling tool, capable of capturing sharp and cinematic 4K footage. Thanks to the famed Dual Pixel CMOS AF system, focus transitions are smooth and professional-looking. Add in the ability to shoot Full HD at frame rates up to 120p, and you have a camera that can slow down time for dramatic effect.

A Detailed Technical Breakdown – Canon EOS 90D

The Canon EOS 90D is a versatile DSLR designed for both photography enthusiasts and semi-professionals. Introduced in 2019, it boasts a high-resolution 32.5 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, ensuring high-quality images with a total pixel count of 34.4 million pixels. The sensor's size of 22.3 x 14.9mm is paired with a pixel dimension of 6960 x 4640, which equates to incredibly detailed and sharp photos, suitable for large prints and cropping.

With a pixel size of 3.20µm, the EOS 90D is engineered to balance high-resolution with low-light performance. The diffraction-limited aperture of f/5.2 indicates the aperture at which diffraction begins to soften the image. This is useful knowledge for photographers aiming to achieve the sharpest possible images.

The camera uses a DIGIC 8 image processor, which enables a fast sensor readout speed and contributes to the camera's robust performance, including its impressive ISO range of 100–25600, expandable up to 51200. This broad ISO range allows for shooting in a variety of lighting conditions with minimal noise.

The EOS 90D does not include sensor stabilisation, meaning that image stabilisation depends on the lenses used. It supports a wide array of lenses with EF, EF-S, TS-E, and MP-E mounts, and a field of view crop factor (FOVCF) of 1.6x, which is typical for APS-C sensors.

Autofocus capabilities are enhanced with a TTL secondary image-forming phase-difference detection system and an AF-dedicated sensor. The camera has 45 cross-type AF points, which ensures accurate focusing even in challenging conditions, with the centre point being dual cross-type at f/2.8 and f/5.6. The working range of the autofocus is from EV -3 to 18, which means it can function effectively in both very dim and very bright conditions. The EOS 90D also features Eye Detection AF, which is a significant benefit for portraiture, as it allows the camera to focus precisely on the eyes of the subject.

Exposure control is another strong point for the EOS 90D, featuring a 216-zone metering system with an approx. 220,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor for precise exposure measurements. For live view and movie recording, the camera uses a 384-zone metering system based on the image sensor's signals. This sophisticated system allows the photographer to adjust exposure compensation by ±5 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments and provides an auto-exposure bracketing range of +/-3 EV.

For image review and live view shooting, the EOS 90D sports a vari-angle 3.0-inch touchscreen LCD with approximately 1040K dots. This screen has an anti-smudge coating and seven levels of brightness adjustment, which is invaluable when shooting in bright conditions.

The built-in flash has a guide number of 12 at ISO 100 and covers a focal length range up to 17mm. The camera’s sync speed for flash is 1/250 sec, and it has a hot shoe for additional flash or lighting accessories. Flash exposure can be compensated by ±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments.

When it comes to continuous shooting, the EOS 90D can capture images at up to approximately 10fps with a mechanical shutter, which is ideal for action and sports photography. For live view shooting, it can achieve up to 11fps with One-Shot AF.

The camera records video up to 4K resolution at 30p and full HD at 120p, making it suitable for high-resolution video work with the benefit of slow-motion capture in full HD.

Wireless capabilities are robust with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for remote shooting and easy sharing of images.
Physically, the camera is constructed of polycarbonate resin with glass fibre, which strikes a balance between durability and weight. It operates in temperatures ranging from 32–104°F (0–40°C) and up to 85% humidity.

In terms of power, the EOS 90D uses the LP-E6N battery, which offers approximately 1300 shots per charge, ensuring that photographers can shoot all day without the need for constant battery swaps.

For storage, it accommodates SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards and supports fast UHS-II cards, which is essential for capturing high-resolution images and 4K video without buffer delays.

This camera measures approximately 140.7 x 104.8 x 76.8mm and weighs around 701g including the battery and card, making it relatively compact and lightweight for a DSLR with so many features.

Choosing to Hire the Canon EOS 90D

Opting to hire the Canon EOS 90D is a popular choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s sports, wildlife, or a bustling street scene, the camera’s high-resolution sensor and sophisticated focusing system help ensure your images are depicted with lifelike detail. Hiring this model becomes an attractive option when considering its 4K video capabilities and connectivity features – built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which are must-haves in a connected digital age.

The Vari-Angle forward-facing touch screen adds a layer of compositional freedom, allowing you to capture from angles that would be uncomfortable with a fixed screen. This makes it great for vlogging. For those long days of shooting, the comfortable viewfinder and the familiar ergonomic design make the EOS 90D an excellent companion. Its blend of performance, precision, and connectivity makes the EOS 90D a powerful tool for any project, providing the reliability and quality Canon is known for.


Introducing the Canon EOS 90D

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Eye Piece (attached to camera)1
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EOS 90D Strap1

Spare battery, memory card and card reader not included.

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