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Hire Aputure LS C300D Mark II & Barn Doors

Winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the LS C300d is a game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced cooling system, portable build and a TLCI rating of over 96.

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Lift your photography game to new heights by hiring the Aputure LS C300D Mark II, a powerful and versatile lighting system that can elevate your shooting experience. A gem in the crown of Aputure’s COB LED technology, this equipment is designed with ease-of-use, precision, and versatility in mind and is perfect for both photographers and filmmakers.

Winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the LS C300d is a game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced cooling system, portable build and a TLCI rating of over 96.

Exceptional Illuminance

The LS C300d Mark II isn't your average light – it's a revolution in brightness. As the shining star of the Light Storm series, it delivers an impressive 48,000 lux at 0.5m with the included reflector. With the addition of Aputure's fresnel mount, (available separately), the lux reaches an extraordinary 142,000 @ 0.5m (with camera settings at f/36, 1/200 shutter, and ISO 800). This level of illuminance rivals a traditional 2k tungsten or 400w HMI, rendering the Mark II capable of producing the luminance of a 575w HMI, making it an outstanding choice for a wide range of shooting conditions.

Colour Accuracy

The LS C300d Mark II emits a bright, natural-looking light at 5500K, ensuring your shots are crisp and vibrantly coloured. Its superior colour accuracy is proven by a CRI rating of 95+ and remarkable TLCI ratings of 96+. These high ratings translate to highly precise colour reproduction, making the 300d Mark II a perfect companion for broadcast video, photography, television production, and studio filmmaking.

Portable and Lightweight Design

Despite the robust output, the aputure 300d Mark II is surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 2.1kg (4.6lbs). This means it’s considerably lighter than a 2000W tungsten lamp that typically weighs over 9kg (nearly 20lbs). Its portability is a testament to Aputure's commitment to creating user-friendly equipment to siut the masses. The handy design enables one-handed operation, allowing for effortless modification of your lighting.

Intelligent Temperature Control

The LS C300d Mark II is a marvel of modern technology, equipped with an intelligent temperature control system. It features Aputure's advanced internal thermometers, which control fan speeds according to the system's temperature. Even when operating at full capacity, these smart fans keep the light at an optimum temperature, thus eliminating the need for grip gloves and reducing noise.

Durable and Robust Build

Designed with an aircraft-grade aluminium body, the LS C300d Mark II is as sturdy as it is sleek. A product of over 100 meticulous fabrication procedures, this light is both aesthetically pleasing and robust. From extrusion and cutting to sandblasting and laser engraving, each step contributes to the LS C300d Mark II's professional-grade quality.

Independent Lighting Controls

The LS C300d Mark II offers unparalleled control, empowering you to fine-tune your lighting conditions. Its user-friendly control box lets you adjust brightness, remote channels and fan speeds. The innovative design separates the control box from the power ballast, reducing top weight and enhancing portability. With the latest in Aputure COB LED technology, you have the freedom to light your scene as you envision.

Wireless Control at Your Fingertips

Using 2.4G FSK technology, the Aputure 300d II can be wirelessly controlled up to 150m away, providing you with the flexibility to adjust brightness from a distance. The SIG Mesh Network Technology enhances remote accessibility, making it easier than ever to manage your lighting conditions.

Dual Power Solutions

The LS C300d Mark II comes with dual power solutions to cater to both indoor and outdoor shooting requirements. It can be powered via AC or, for on-location shoots, two V-Mount batteries (V-Loks, available separately), eliminating the need for expensive generators. This versatility makes the Mark II an excellent choice for photographers who need a reliable, flexible lighting solution.

Storm Barn Doors: Cinematic Light Shaping

The Aputure Barn Doors, designed specifically for Aputure COB lights, allow you to shape your light and prevent excess spill. They feature four velvet leaves for maximum light absorption, a newly designed negative reflector dish, and a high-quality gel holder. With the sliding barn doors and the Fresnel 2X, the 300D Mark II can produce a multitude of lighting effects, from broad coverage to a tight spot, offering more creative possibilities.

Built To Last

Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminium, the Barn Doors are lightweight yet incredibly durable. With their smooth finish and strong build, they are easy to manipulate and built to withstand the rigours of a professional shooting environment.

Your Light, Your Way

The Aputure Barn Doors come with a magnetic gel holder, enabling you to add a dash of colour to your lights easily. Furthermore, the included 30° honeycomb grid lets you control the direction of your light, giving you the ultimate control over your lighting setup.

Experience the power, precision, and versatility of the Aputure LS C300D Mark II & Barn Doors by hiring from Hireacamera. We're here to help you capture your vision in the best light possible.


Introducing the Aputure 300d II

Description Quantity
LS C300D Mark II1
  -  USB Drive (Containing user manual)1
  -  Spare battery sealed in envelope (if required, the old battery MUST be put in the envelope).1
  -  Strap for Carry Case1
  -  Carry Case1
  -  C300D II Lamp Head1
  -  U-Shape Stand Adapter1
  -  Thumb Turn (attached)2
  -  Cable Relief Hook (attached to lamp head)1
  -  Clear Protective Lamp Cover (attached to lamp head)1
  -  Reflector (with protective foam)1
  -  5 Pin XLR Cable (male to female)1
  -  Mains PowerCON Cable1
  -  Quick Release Clamp with Release Mechanism1
  -  Case Insert1
  -  Control Box1
  -  XLR Release Pin2
  -  V-Lok Battery Mount1
  -  Rope Tether (attached to control box)1
  -  Remote (with battery door & CR2032 battery)1
Storm Barn Doors1
  -  Main Barn Door Unit (including Release Wire)1
  -  Mount Adapter for Barn Doors1
  -  Gel Holder1
  -  Circular Honeycomb Grid (with retaining pin & removable tag)1
300cm Air Cushioned Stand with 1/4" and 3/8" Spigot1
  -  Thumb Turn (attached)5
  -  Spigot (attached)1
  -  Black Padded Bag1

To ensure optimal performance, each working battery requires current output 12A and capacity more than 190WH. 


V-Lok batteries used with this product, must have a minimum power output of 13A (>15.5A is recommended), V-Lok batteries with a lower continuous output, could enter a "protection state" and will be unable to power the lights. (Aputure recommends ≥190wh batteries for better performance). At the present time, we recommend the use of our SWIT 146 V-Lok batteries only.

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