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Hire PiXAPRO Orbit300 Smart 30cm Turntable

The PIXAPRO ORBIT300 Smart is an essential piece of kit for any product photographer or videographer, who wants to add a new dimension to their product photography and videos.

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The PIXAPRO Orbit300 Smart is a motorised turntable with a diameter of 30cm, which enables you to create amazing 360° rotatable images and videos of small products, such as jewellery, electronics etc. for use on your e-commerce website with the greatest of ease. It can be set to rotate in a smooth, uniform fashion, or can be set to rotate increments of between 5°-180°, which allows you to produce high quality 360° images, with a degree of precision that would otherwise be very difficult with a traditional motorised turntable.  It can also be used to display your flagship products in retail displays or at exhibitions.

Variable Rotation Speeds

The ORBIT300 Smart features rotation speeds from 1.7rpm up to 4.6rpm and enables you to control how fast or how slow the table rotates. Ideal for shooting 360° Video, or for use on product displays (Rotation speed may vary depending on load).

Precise Incremental Rotation

The PIXAPRO ORBIT300 Smart comes can continuously rotate in either direction, or can be set to rotate in increments of 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° 25°, 30°, 40°, 45°, 60°, 90° or 180°. First, you set however many degrees that you want the table to rotate, then the table will rotate for the number of degrees that you set (for example 10°), and pause for three seconds, to give you time to take a photo. After the three seconds, it will rotate and pause again and so on. This helps ensure that you get perfect 360° products photos with very little effort.

Smart Remote Control

The ORBIT300 Smart comes with an infra-red remote control, which enables you to control the rotation-speed, direction and how many degrees you would like the table to incrementally rotate.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you are photographing products with a Smartphone, the ORBIT300 Smart features Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to connect the turntable up with your smartphone. Simply pair your smartphone or tablet to the turntable, and then use your phone’s camera app to start taking photos. You can either take the photos manually or automatically using the turntable’s auto-shutter modes.

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