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Hire Nikon Z 7 II Wildlife Photography Package

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Nikon Z 7II, FTZ adapter & Nikon 70-200mm Lens

If you are used to shooting with a DSLR then the Nikon Z 7II may be the camera that entices you to the world of mirrorless. If you are familiar with professional DSLR bodies, then the huge reduction in size and weight won’t go unnoticed, plus it boasts astonishing low light capabilities, giving you more freedom early in the morning or when dusk sets in. Autofocus is super fast and accurate, which is particularly useful when shooting with a shallow depth of field.

Dual card slots give you true peace of mind – you can configure the camera to either start recording on the second card the moment the first is full, or choose to record to both cards simultaneously – safe in the knowledge that you have a solid backup the instant the image is captured. Another truly invaluable feature this camera boats is the high dynamic range, which is a true asset when the sun is low in the sky and contrast is high.

The Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S is the latest incarnation of its legendary 70-200mm series of lenses; it’s a super versatile focal length, with a formidable maximum aperture throughout. Weather sealing, gives you ultimate freedom and peace of mind should you encounter less than favourable conditions, plus, built in image stabilisation (VR) allows you to capture static creatures with longer shutter speeds when light is limited.


Nikon Z 7 II Product Tour

Description Quantity
NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S1
  -  Nikkor Z Mount Back Cap1
  -  Nikkor Soft Lens Pouch1
  -  77mm Lens Cap1
  -  HB-92 Lens Hood1
  -  Tripod Foot with Thumb Screw (attached)1
  -  iM2306 Black Flight Case1
  -  77mm UV Filter1
Z 7 II with FTZ Adaptor1
  -  iM2100 / iM2200 Black Flight Case1
  -  All-in-One USB 3.0 Card Reader + USB Cable1
  -  USB cable1
  -  Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
  -  Body cap2
  -  MH-25a Battery Charger1
  -  Back Cap1
  -  64gb SDXC 300mb/s U3 V90 Memory Card (in camera)1
  -  Rubber Port Cover (attached)2
  -  FTZ Adaptor1
  -  Z Neck Strap1
  -  DK-29 Eye Piece1
  -  Metal Strap Clips with Plastic Cover (attached to camera)2
  -  HDMI/USB Cable Clip (with cable clamp attached)1
  -  EN-EL15C Battery2
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