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Hire Bright Tangerine Matte Box Black Hole Misfit Kick 3 Stage Kit with Swing Away 4x5.65" 58-114mm

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Misfit Kick 3-Stage Kit

The Misfit Kick is a versatile matte box for all types of filmmaking. Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away.

This kit includes the Misfit Kick core, three 4×5.65″ filter trays. and the carbon fibre top flag. To complete the system, simply add a Frame Safe clamp adapter to suit your lens and you have a complete matte box ranging from 58mm to 114mm.

The clamp adapters use the new Frame Safe design for an extra wide field of view, even when using large format sensors with wide lenses.

The Misfit Kick features an all-new patented reveal stage design, making it more robust and easier to operate in the field, converting from a 2-stage to 3-stage matte box without any extra hardware or tools, just a third filter tray.

Rather than use ball bearings like traditional matte boxes, the Misfit Kick uses a new spring system in combination with a protruding ridge to secure the filter trays, creating a positive locking position with tactile feedback for increased confidence when loading filters.

When working in fast paced environments like on a tracking vehicle, drone or jib, a safety loop provides a secure tethering point for a safety wire or lanyard.

Knurled, captive locking screws are used to secure filters in place, preventing screws from going missing while in the field.

The sunshade is built from high-grade carbon fibre and the reveal system from CNC cut hard anodised aluminium for extra strength while staying lightweight.

Key Features:

• Patented Reveal Stage for tool-less conversion to 3-stage
• Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away on 15mm LWS or 15mm Studio supports
• Compatible with ARRI filter trays

Frame Safe Clamp Adapters

It features Bright Tangerine’s new Frame Safe design that not only has the standard circular cut out but an additional rectangular aperture to maximise the field of view to prevent vignetting, even when using wide lenses with large format sensors without having to use a 6×6″” matte box.

Each Misfit Kick Clamp Adapter is configurable for fixed rod support. 

The clamp adapters are built from precision cut and anodised from aluminium.

Key Features:

• Interchangeable Misfit Kick Clamp Adapters
• Compatible with 15mm LWS support bracket

LWS Swing Away Kit

Configure the Misfit Kick for swing with 15mm LWS support, speeding up lens changes and adding support for use with rubber donuts.

This kit comes with everything you need for swing away including the Dovetail for the Misfit Kick, Swing Away Core & 15mm LWS Swing Away arm.

Using the swing away core, you can slide the matte box forward and easily swing away the matte box using the push button for clear access to the lens without having to remove the matte box completely.

When you don’t require swing away support, simply use the quick release to remove the matte box.

Key Features:

• Adds swing away functionality to provide clear access for faster lens changes
• Offers vertical height adjustment
• Secure 15mm rod clamp
• Compatible with 15mm studio brackets

114mm Black Hole Mini Donut

Bright Tangerine's 114mm Black Hole Donut works with lenses with a front outer diameter between 58 to 114mm.

It is compatible with Bright Tangerine Viv, Misfit, and Strummer DNA matte boxes as well as select ARRI matte boxes. The black elasto-polymer stretches to fit on your lens and features a conical shape that allows for two inches of lens travel for lenses that change size as you change focus.

Key Features:

• The Black Hole donut expands to fit lenses with diameters between 59 and 114mm.
• Easy to attach and use
• Expands to fit lenses

Description Quantity
Misfit Core1
4 x 5.65 Misfit Filter Trays3
Carbon Fibre Top flag1
15mm LWS Swing Away1
Orange Thumb Screw9
Black Thumb Screw4
Silver Thumb Screw4
'Black Hole' 58/143mm Rubber1
Frame Safe Clamp Adapter (114mm)1
Black Hole Mounting Ring1
Beige Bag1
iM2100 Black Flight Case1
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