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Nikon NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR

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Our thoughts

'We’re thrilled to welcome this great little superzoom to our Nikon Z lens range. Weighing in at just 725g, its less than half the weight of other lens in this range offering the same reach ability. Combined with its compact form factor, 5.5 stop VR image stabilisation and wide-angle ability where required – this lens makes it an ideal travel companion. For situations where the lens hood is not required, its low profile design allows it to be stored in reverse position on the lens without obstructing use of the zoom ring – perfect for ‘on the go’ situations.'  



Get close. Go far. With an incredible 14.2x zoom and a build that’s compact enough to keep on your camera—there’s no limit to what you can do with this 28-400mm super-telephoto zoom lens. 

14.2x super-telephoto zoom

You can cover pretty much anything with the NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR all-purpose zoom lens. Its hugely versatile focal-length range gives you 28mm at the wide-angle end, 400mm at the super-telephoto end—and everything in between! Capture superb wide shots of landscapes and cityscapes, get closer for creative portraits of people or architectural details—or zoom all the way to show shy wildlife in their natural habitats.

Super-smooth handling

With its compact proportions and a weight of just 725 g, you won’t need to think twice about packing this 14.2x zoom lens in your bag or even keeping it on your camera as you walk around. Even extended all the way to 400mm, this superzoom lens feels incredibly well balanced and much easier to handle than a super-telephoto prime lens.

The superzoom lens that loves a close-up

This all-purpose zoom lens lets you focus just 0.2 m from subjects at the wide-angle end of the range, and 1.2 m away if you’ve zoomed to 400 mm.1 With a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.35x, you can even go for awesome close-ups. Just be mindful if the included lens hood is attached: this superzoom lens can get so close, you’ll need to be sure you’re not touching your subject with the hood!

VR image stabilisation keeps shots steady

5.0 stops of built-in optical vibration reduction counteract shake, for sharp shots even in low light. If you’re shooting fast-moving action, SPORT mode stabilises the viewfinder image too. Plus, if you attach this wide-angle to super-telephoto zoom lens to a Nikon Z camera that has Synchro VR capability, you can shoot up to 5.5 stops slower.

Description Quantity
HB-114 Lens Hood1
77mm Lens Cap1
Rear Lens Cap (Z Mount)1
77mm U/V Filter1
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