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These 4K PTZ cameras, equipped with remote camera controllers, excel in offering dynamic framing flexibility. This feature is crucial for capturing high-quality visuals across a variety of shooting environments.

The Canon CR-N700 stands out with its superior tracking and looping capabilities, offering cinematographers and photographers refined control over motion shots. The Canon CR-N500, renowned for its crisp imagery and robust build, is ideal for challenging outdoor shoots and demanding studio environments. Our PTZ cameras are not just tools; they are sophisticated solutions engineered to enhance the artistry and technical proficiency of your projects.

Embrace the technological prowess of our PTZ camera hire range, where every model promises to elevate your production values and creative vision.


Hire our 4K PTZ cameras for unmatched framing flexibility and high-quality visuals in various settings. These cameras, with advanced tracking and robust builds, enhance the artistry and proficiency of your photographic projects.

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