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Hire Canon EOS 5DS R

Built around a proven DSLR body design, the EOS 5DS R resolves incredibly fine detail in its files, making it a quite-brilliant choice for anyone who shoots landscapes, portraits, architecture and intricate subjects that deserve to be captured in high resolution. Canon users familiar with the EOS system will be able to pick it up and use it from the get go, plus it’s built to withstand the harshest of conditions in the great outdoors. Its monster files take up a lot of space and its fixed screen isn’t ideal for all applications, but other than these points, it’s a high resolution DSLR that’s hard to knock.

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Our thoughts

'The Canon EOS 5DS R, a masterpiece in the realm of digital SLR photography, is meticulously designed to meet the high standards of both photographers and filmmakers. In an era increasingly dominated by mirrorless camera options, the Canon EOS 5DS R stands out as a robust DSLR choice, encapsulating unmatched performance and precision. It’s the perfect tool for capturing the fine details in expansive landscapes, intricate portraits, and grand architectural structures, showcasing Canon's unwavering dedication to photographic excellence. Whether you’re considering DSLR camera rental for a special project or looking to hire Canon EOS 5DS R for its specific capabilities, you’re in the right place. Join us as we delve into the features and functionalities of this exceptional camera, helping you understand why it’s an unparalleled choice for your upcoming photographic endeavours.'  



Key Features

• Stunning Resolution: With a 50.6 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, the EOS 5DS R captures images with extraordinary detail, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece.

• Large Format Printing:
Translate your images into fine-art quality prints, even in A0 size and beyond, while maintaining low noise and true-to-life colour reproduction.

• Enhanced Clarity:
The low-pass cancellation filter enhances image sharpness and clarity, providing pristine visuals with minimal risk of artefacts.

• Steady and Sharp:
Benefit from Canon’s Mirror Vibration Control System, designed to reduce internal vibrations and maintain image sharpness for every shot.

• Fast and Responsive:
Experience swift image processing and responsiveness, thanks to the Dual DIGIC 6 processors, ensuring you never miss a moment.

• Advanced Subject Tracking:
Utilise the EOS Intelligent Tracking and Recognition (iTR) AF technology for precise focus, even when subjects are on the move.

• 61-Point Wide-Area Autofocus:
Achieve quick and accurate focus, even in low-light conditions, with the comprehensive 61-point AF System.

• Robust Weather Sealing:
Brave the elements with confidence, as the EOS 5DS R features weather-sealed controls and a durable magnesium alloy construction.

• Dual Memory Card Slots:
Enjoy the convenience of automatic file back-up, extended storage capacity, and easy sharing options, plus dual memory card slots.

• High Dynamic Range Imaging:
Capture the full spectrum of light and shadow with HDR imaging, ideal for landscapes and still-life photography.

Capture Extraordinary Detail

Discover a new realm of photographic excellence with the Canon EOS 5DS R. Boasting a whopping 50.6 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, this DSLR ensures that every nuance and detail of your subject is captured with precision. Even when utilising the built-in 1.3x and 1.6x cropped shooting modes, you are guaranteed stellar image quality, producing 30.5 and 19.6 megapixel files, respectively.

Print Fine-Art Quality Images

With the EOS 5DS R, your images transcend the ordinary, enabling you to print in large formats like A0 and beyond while maintaining exquisite detail, low noise, and accurate colour reproduction. All of this is made possible by the high performance Dual DIGIC 6 processors, ensuring that your prints capture the true essence of your artistic vision.

Enhanced Clarity for Every Shot

The low-pass cancellation filter is a game-changer, enhancing the sharpness and clarity of your high-resolution images. Whether you’re shooting in the great outdoors or in a controlled studio setting, the EOS 5DS R stands as a reliable companion, delivering images with minimal risk of artefacts and maximum visual impact.

Steadiness and Precision in Every Frame

Canon’s Mirror Vibration Control System plays a crucial role in ensuring that every shot you take is as sharp as possible. By controlling the mirror’s movement to avoid sudden stops and dampening the shutter-release sound, this system guarantees that internal vibrations don’t compromise image quality.

React and Respond with Unrivalled Speed

In the fast-paced world of photography, the EOS 5DS R ensures you’re always ahead of the action. Dual DIGIC 6 processors work tirelessly to handle the massive amounts of data from the 50.6-MP sensor, allowing you to capture breath-taking images at 5fps. USB 3.0 connectivity ensures that tethered shooting and remote camera control are as fast and efficient as possible.

Advanced Subject Tracking and Recogniton

Canon’s EOS Intelligent Tracking and Recognition (iTR) AF technology takes autofocus to the next level. By utilising colour and face information, the camera recognises and tracks subjects with precision, ensuring that your focus is always spot-on, even in challenging shooting conditions.

61-Point Wide-Area Autofocus

With a 61-point AF System at your disposal, focusing is quick, precise, and reliable, even when the light is less than ideal. The inclusion of 41 cross-type focus points, including five extra-sensitive double cross-types, ensures that your autofocus is not just fast, but also incredibly accurate.

AF Point Selection for Creative Control

Flexibility is key, and with the EOS 5DS R, you have the freedom to use all 61 AF points together, group them for off-centre subjects, or even select a single AF point for pinpoint accuracy. This level of control ensures that you are equipped to handle any shooting scenario with ease.

Dual Memory Card Slots for Convenience

Maximise your shooting potential with dual memory card slots, allowing for automatic back-up, extended storage, and easy sharing. Whether you’re on a long shoot or need to quickly share files with clients, the EOS 5DS R has you covered.

High Dynamic Range Imaging and More

Embrace the full spectrum of light and shadow with HDR imaging, perfect for capturing landscapes and still-life with stunning detail. Explore creative possibilities with Multiple Exposure mode, and create breath-taking time-lapse movies with ease. With the EOS 5DS R, your creative potential knows no bounds.

Choosing to hire the Canon EOS 5DS R

In conclusion, the Canon EOS 5DS R stands as a paragon of DSLR excellence, delivering unparalleled resolution, sharpness, and creative flexibility. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an avid enthusiast, this camera offers a robust and reliable solution for all your photographic needs.

With its advanced focusing system, and incredible image quality, the EOS 5DS R ensures that every shot is to be remembered. The unrivalled performance of the Canon EOS 5DS R first-hand makes it an excellent choice when considering DSLR camera hire.


EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R - Product Walkthrough

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USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
LC-E6E Battery Charger1
iM2100 Flight Case1
LP-E6 / LP-E6N Battery2
64GB Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDXC Card (in camera)1
Card Reader for UHS-I & UHS-II Cards1
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