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Hire Sony PXW-Z190

The Sony PXW-Z190 is a 4K handheld camcorder with all-new 1/3-type 3CMOS sensor with 4K 50p/60p recording capability, 25x zoom lens and advanced Face Detection AF.

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Our thoughts

'When we at Hireacamera think about a compact, versatile, and professional camcorder that can handle an array of different shooting scenarios, the Sony Z190 immediately comes to mind. A powerful and versatile camera, the PXW-Z190's features are engineered to ensure that you can capture beautiful, professional-grade content with ease and precision. This all-in-one camera stands out in the market for its stunning 4K image quality and a powerful 25x zoom lens. The 4K 1/3-type 3CMOS Sensor delivers beautiful 4K (QFHD) imagery, making the PXW-Z190 an excellent choice for single camera shoots. Further enhancing its functionality, the camera boasts advanced face detection AF and Sony's unique Electronic Variable ND Filter, which facilitate stress-free shooting even in complex lighting conditions. What's more, the Sony PXW-Z190 is not only about delivering top-notch image quality but also about simplifying your post-production process. The Instant HDR workflow lets you deliver stunning HDR imagery without the need for additional colour grading. With this feature, you can shoot, edit, and view HDR content in HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) without spending significant time in post-production work. In addition, the PXW-Z190 comes equipped with dual MI Shoe for simultaneous use of wireless audio and video lighting, adding to the flexibility of your shooting setup. The built-in electronic variable ND filters enable fast, agile shooting from shadowy interiors to bright, sun-lit exteriors without having to change the gain or shutter speed. Dual SD memory card slots for Simul, Relay, or Backup mode ensure you never run out of space when shooting critical content. '  



Key Features of the Sony PXW-Z190

• Equipped with a 4K 1/3-type 3CMOS Sensor, offering stunning 4K imaging at up to 60fps.
• A powerful 25x zoom lens with three independent lens rings for precise adjustment of focus, zoom, and iris.
• Advanced Face Detection AF for maintaining accurate focus on your subject.
• Sony's unique electronic variable ND filter for optimal exposure and depth of field control.
• An Instant HDR workflow, enabling the shooting, editing, and viewing of HDR content in HLG.
• Dual MI Shoe for simultaneous use of wireless audio and video lighting.
• Dual SD memory card slots for Simul, relay, or backup mode for extended recording times.
• Capable of XAVC Long GOP recording at QFHD and Full-HD for efficient compression.
• Supports broadcast-standard MPEG HD422 and MPEG HD for high-quality, long-form production.

The Sony PXW-Z190, available for hire at Hireacamera, is an exceptional 4K camcorder that expertly combines professional-grade features with a compact, user-friendly design. It’s the ideal choice for a wide range of 4K and HD single camera shoots, making it the perfect companion for professionals on the go.

At the heart of the PXW-Z190 lies a powerful 4K 1/3-type 3CMOS sensor, a world first in a professional camcorder of this size. This impressive sensor captures red, blue, and green light independently, resulting in stunning 4K (QFHD) imagery at up to 60fps. Even if you’re shooting in HD, the 4:2:2 10-bit recording captures detail and texture far beyond the capabilities of traditional HD sensors.

The PXW-Z190 comes equipped with a powerful 25x professional zoom lens that offers a wide focal length from 28.8mm to 720mm (35mm equivalent). The lens features three independent control rings for and faster, more accurate adjustment of focus, zoom, and iris, ensuring you never miss a shot. An integrated extender allows for image enlargement without any degradation in HD mode, effectively capturing a 50x zoom equivalent image (with sensor cropping).

Ease of use is a hallmark of the PXW-Z190, with advanced features such as Face Detection AF and the unique electronic variable ND filters, that take the stress out of shooting great content. The advanced Face Detection AF ensures that your subject remains in pin-sharp focus, allowing you to focus more on your composition, rather than technical details, and the electronic Variable ND Filters enable quick and smooth exposure adjustment as you transition from dark to bright environments without the need for changing gain or shutter speed.

Another standout feature is the Instant HDR workflow. The PXW-Z190 is ready for the shift towards HDR content with Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) recording. This allows you to shoot, edit, and view HDR content without the need for time-consuming post-production work or additional colour grading.

Simultaneous use of wireless audio and video lighting is made possible with the dual Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe, ensuring optimal flexibility during your shoots. The camera also provides dual XLR for four-channel audio recording and two independent volume dials for precise audio control. An MI-shoe attached microphone and two SD memory card slots for Simul, relay, or backup mode add to the camera's functionality.

As for recording formats, the PXW-Z190 offers robust and efficient compression with XAVC Long GOP recording at QFHD and Full-HD. The XAVC codec adopts 10-bit sampling for high definition recording with rich tonal expression. The camera also supports broadcast-standard MPEG HD422 and MPEG HD for high-quality, long-form production, as well as DVCAM at 25 Mbps in MXF file format, proving its worth in various applications including newsgathering and documentary production.

Why Hire the Sony PXW-Z190 from Hireacamera?

The Sony PXW-Z190 is more than just a 4K camcorder; it's a powerful tool engineered to offer a professional shooting experience in a compact, user-friendly design. Hiring this camera from Hireacamera is a simple, speedy, and secure process. We are acclaimed for our award-winning customer service, and will ensure you get the equipment you need, when you need it.

When you hire the PXW Z190, you're not just getting a camera; you're getting a tool designed for optimal performance and versatility. So why wait? Explore your creativity and elevate your video production with the Sony PXW-Z190 today!

Description Quantity
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Micro USB Cable1
Short XLR Cable1
Large Eye Cup1
Lens hood1
NTG2 Shotgun Mic with softie1
Card Reader for UHS-I & UHS-II Cards1
USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
XLR Port Cover2
Rubber Mic Grip Rings2
iM2750 Flight Case1
Silver XLR Release Pin2
Rubber Port cover (attached to camera and mic handle)10
Leather side grip1
Microphone holder (including 2 internal mounting screws and securing catch)1
BC-U1A Battery Charger1
Cable tidy with one screw (attached to back right of the camera body)1
1/4 and 3/8 Tripod Mount with four attaching screws (in position on base of camera)1
BP-U60/BP-U70 Battery2
Silica gel pack (please do not dispose of this, retain for return journey)1
SDXC 64gb UHS-II V601

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Sony PXW-FS5 II, the PXW-Z280 and the PXW-Z190 unveiled at NAB 2018

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Sony PXW-FS5 II, the PXW-Z280 and the PXW-Z190 unveiled at NAB 2018

09 April 2018

Sony has highlighted its comprehensive and growing line of camcorders, with 4K and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) available at every level.

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Please note that this camera records 4K UHD, not Cinema 4K / DCI. For more information about what this means, please click HERE

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