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ND0.6 Grad 4x4 S/E Filter Formatt 8 2022-08-03
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Formatt ND0.6 Grad 4x4 S/E Filter

Neutral density, graduated 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) glass filter.

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Reduces exposure by 2 stops.

Graduated filters (or more simply ‘grads’) have the effect on half of the filter. The most common use for a graduated filter is to reduce the luminosity of a bright sky balancing it to the terrain below. The advantage of using a grad filter, rather than HDR techniques is a far more neutral colour representation than the “candy rainbow” side effect resulting from HDR processing. Plus, it’s far more authentic and satisfying to create a great image with a single exposure, and far less work in post processing too.

NB: Not compatible with the LEE filter system due to the glass being too thick.

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