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Hire Lee Filters 4 x 5.65" ProGlass Cine IRND Kit

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LEE Filters ProGlass Cine range of neutral-density filters have been designed to meet the exacting needs of all cinematographers — whether shooting digitally or on film.

They are remarkably neutral, eliminating infrared pollution and ensuring all colours remain absolutely accurate and true. This simplifies workflow, saves time and enables cinematographers to focus on their creative goals.


LEE Filters ProGlass IRND

Description Quantity
ProGlass Cine 0.6ND 4 x 5.65"1
  -  Lee Filters Wallet (Black)1
  -  Filter1
ProGlass Cine 0.9ND 4 x 5.65"1
  -  Lee Filters Wallet (Black)1
  -  Filter1
ProGlass Cine 1.2ND 4 x 5.65"1
  -  Lee Filters Wallet (Black)1
  -  Filter1
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