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Hire Nikon Z 9 Sports Videography Package

Nikon Z 9 Sports Videography Package for hire.

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Due to a recent firmware update, the Nikon Z 9 now offers ‘Hi-Res Zoom’. The camera takes an 8K image and records in 4K. This means you can zoom in up to 2.0× without losing any image quality and can be set to three different speeds. It will work with any Nikon lens and means that you can effectively turn a prime lens into a zoom/variable focal length lens.

New N-Log LUT Version 1.04 has been also introduced, providing a greater dynamic range and more true-to-life colours.

Firmware Version 3.01 to 3.10

• Added support for NIKKOR Z 85 mm f/1.2 S lenses.
• Improved focus accuracy for low-contrast subjects during burst photography with [Wide-area AF (S)], [Wide-area AF (L)], [Wide-area AF (C1)], [Wide-area AF (C2)], [3D-tracking], or [Auto-area AF] selected for [AF-area mode].
• Improved the frame advance rate during burst photography with optional flash units.

Firmware V.2.0:

• 8.3K/60p video in-camera: internally record RAW 8.3K video in ultra-smooth 60p. Shoot in N-RAW to record ultra-high-resolution 8.3K (8256×4644) video using the full width of the Z 9 sensor.
• 4K UHD oversampled from 8K: record incredibly sharp 4K/60p Ultra HD footage oversampled from 8K.
• 12-bit RAW in-camera: with ProRes RAW HQ (up to 4K/60p) or Nikon’s new N-RAW format (up to 8K/60p and 4K/120p).
• Waveform monitor: confirm tricky exposures at a glance whether shooting in N-Log or RAW.
• Custom i-menu: display the main video settings simultaneously on the monitor. Confirm resolution and frame rate via the camera’s top screen. 
• Red REC frame: a red REC frame appears on the monitor when the video record button is pressed.
• 8K still frames: extract consecutive high-resolution still frames from up to 10 seconds of 8K footage.
• Up to 20 selectable wide-area AF patterns: stay locked on the action and avoid fixed obstacles like tennis nets or hurdles.
• EVF—up to 120 fps refresh rate: for the camera’s bright (3000-nit) electronic viewfinder display. Ideal when shooting fast-moving subjects, such as race cars.
• Focus recall: assign focus positions to multiple camera buttons—each button can recall a separate focus position or the same focus position.
• Pre-release image capture: record images for up to a second before fully pressing the shutter-release button. Set a post-release burst to continue for up to 4 seconds.

Nikon Z 9, Nikon Z 24-70mm F2.8, Nikon Z 100-400mm, F4.5-5.6, Rode Videomic Pro+, Manfrotto tripod and head.

With the launch of the Z 6II and Z 7II appearing to be more refresh than revolution, you could have been forgiven for wondering whether Nikon was really interested in competing at the bleeding edge of mirrorless tech with Canon, Sony and Fujifilm. With the launch of the Z 9 however, critics were answered spectacularly. 

The Z 9 is an amazing hybrid camera offering the sort of performance shooters could’ve only dreamt of even a couple of years ago. Standout stats and features include a stacked 45.7-megapixel full frame sensor, 8K internal video capture, 4K 120 frames per second capture, up to 6 stops of image stabilisation and class-leading autofocus powered by advanced AI, with 5 times as many focus points as the Z 7II. All in all, this award-winning camera has everything you need for sports videography, as well as for anything else you can dream of. 

Partnering the Z 9, the Nikon Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8 provides wide and normal focal lengths with pin-sharp precision and a silent action, whilst the Nikon Nikkor Z 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 offers up versatility and reach to make sure you can capture every pulsating second of the action no matter where you’ve set up camp. For audio, the Rode Videomic Pro+ provides sensitivity and clarity of audio recording and slots nicely onto the Z 9’s shoe mount. For support, the Manfrotto Advanced Fluid tripod provides a base for perfectly grounded footage, as well as smooth panning should the shoot call for it. Finally, expect to receive the latest FTZ mount adapter so you can attach Nikon’s classic F mount lenses as well as their latest mirrorless ones, and this package also includes 2 batteries and a memory card. 


Nikon Z 9 for Video Production | Go Behind the Scenes

Description Quantity
Z9 With FTZ II Mount Adapter1
  -  FTZ II Adapter (with front and back cap)1
  -  330GB CFexpress Type B XT1
  -  EN-EL18d Battery Pack2
  -  Camera strap1
  -  Metal Strap Clips with Plastic Cover (attached to camera)2
  -  EH-7P AC Adapter (with UK plug)1
  -  HDMI/USB Cable Clip (with cable clamp attached)1
  -  UC-E24 USB Cable1
  -  MH-33 Battery Charger1
  -  iM2200 Black Flight Case1
  -  Removable Battery Door1
  -  Rubber Port Cover (attached)5
  -  Z Mount Body Cap (attached to Camera)1
  -  Extreme Pro CFexpress Card Reader & USB Cable (C Type)1
  -  DK-33 Eye Piece1
NIKKOR Z 24–70mm f/2.8 S1
  -  iM2075 Flight Case1
  -  82mm U/V Filter1
  -  Back Cap1
  -  82mm Nikkor Lens Cap1
  -  HB-87 Lens Hood1
NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S1
  -  Nikkor Z Mount Back Cap1
  -  iM2100 Black Flight Case1
  -  lens bag1
  -  HB-103 Lens Hood1
  -  77mm UV Filter1
  -  77mm Lens Cap1
VideoMic Pro+1
  -  iM2050 Black Flight Case1
  -  Dual USB Plug (black)1
  -  LB-1 Battery1
  -  Foam Windshield1
  -  USB Charging Cable1
  -  3.5mm Jack Lead1
Advanced Fluid Tripod - Pro with Nitrotech N8/608 Fluid Video Head1
  -  1/4 Inch Tripod Screw1
  -  Tripod Plate1
  -  Manfrotto Tripod Carry Bag1
  -  Black Tripod Spreader1
  -  Allen key (in bag pocket)1
  -  Guide Pin1
  -  Tripod Plastic Flight Case With Lid And Locking Buckle1
  -  Battery Tray for the light on/off1
  -  Small flat head screwdriver (in bag pocket)1
  -  3/8 tripod screw (in bag pocket)1
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