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Hire Sony FX30 Cinema Camera with XLR Handle

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Our thoughts on the Sony FX30...

'Here at Hireacamera, we believe the Sony FX30 represents a quantum leap in accessible, high-quality filmmaking. Bridging the gap between enthusiast and professional, the FX30 packs a punch with a robust feature set tailored for dynamic shooting experiences. Its back-illuminated Exmor R APS-C CMOS sensor, while smaller than its full-frame siblings, delivers stunning 26.1-million-pixel clarity and a broad dynamic range. Designed for agility, the camera’s compact form factor, along with 5-axis image stabilisation, opens up new realms of creativity – perfect for capturing life on the move with remarkable fidelity. The camera's advanced autofocus system, complete with real-time eye AF, pivots effortlessly from human to animal subjects, ensuring sharp focus where it counts in a variety of scenarios. Furthermore, Sony’s updates, such as the anamorphic lens support and focus breathing compensation, provide filmmakers with the tools they need to create visually arresting, cinematic content.' 



Key Features:

• New BSI APS-C CMOS Sensor: The 26.1 million pixel sensor provides excellent colour reproduction and up to 14 stops of dynamic range.

• 5-Axis Image Stabilisation: Reduces camera shake for smooth, stable footage even when shooting handheld.

• Advanced Autofocus: Fast and accurate with real-time eye AF for humans and animals.

• Cinematic 4K Video: 6K oversampling ensures high-resolution 4K output, enhanced by the cinematic S-Cinetone™ colour profile.

• In-Body Stabilisation: 5-axis stabilisation supports hand-held shooting without the need for a gimbal.

• Focus Breathing Compensation: Works with compatible lenses to maintain a consistent angle of view when changing focus.

• High-Frame-Rate Shooting: Up to 120fps in 4K for stunning slow-motion sequences.

• Versatile Recording Formats: 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording for post-production flexibility and dual base ISO for improved low-light performance.

• Extensive Connectivity: Dual card slots, HDMI, USB-C and more, offering broad compatibility with various accessories.

• 16-bit RAW Output via HDMI:
For high-quality, post-production colour grading.

Sony FX30 Specs in Detail:

Refined Imaging Capabilities

Sony's FX30, a key feature of their Cinema Line, is designed with an advanced image sensor that ensures cinematic image quality in every frame. The camera's Exmor™ R CMOS sensor is a real powerhouse, capturing visuals with high resolution and immense clarity. Coupled with the S-Log3 gamma curve, it guarantees a dynamic range of 14 stops, ideal for intricate post-production colour work. The camera’s real-time eye AF maintains critical focus on the face and eyes, even in rapidly changing shooting situations, which is essential for composition and framing.

Focused Precision and Manual Control

Real-time eye AF is a standout feature, especially when it comes to maintaining sharp focus on the face and eyes of your subjects. In tandem with wide area coverage, the FX30 ensures precise focus whether using automated or manual focus options. This precision extends to a variety of shooting environments, providing filmmakers with the confidence that they’ll capture the shot with the intended artistic effect.

Optimised Audio and Visual Experience

The FX30's design accommodates the demanding needs of filmmakers with features such as 16-bit RAW output for extensive post-production flexibility. The XLR handle unit is a significant addition, offering high-quality XLR audio inputs for superior sound capture. This complements the camera's visual prowess, ensuring that the audio input matches the exceptional cinematic image quality. Power zoom lenses are easily managed, allowing for rapid adjustments and the ability to quickly access a range of focal lengths.

Solid Build and Seamless Integration

Despite its robust build, the FX30 remains compact as a unit, making it a preferred choice for dynamic filmmaking. It includes dual card slots that support both CFexpress Type A and SD cards, ensuring you have ample storage for extended shoots. The addition of the XLR handle unit not only enhances audio input options but also adds to the camera's versatility, letting you quickly access controls and settings without interrupting your workflow.

Advanced Output for Professional Demands

The camera's capabilities are rounded out with the 16-bit RAW output, which is indispensable for filmmakers who require extensive post-production to realise their vision. This output, along with features like the S-Log3 gamma curve and the expansive dynamic range, ensures that every detail is captured and can be finely tuned during the editing process. With these features, the FX30 stands out as a comprehensive tool for both capturing and crafting stories with full creative control.

Choosing to Hire the Sony FX30 Cinema Camera

Choosing to hire the Sony FX30 Cinema Camera with the XLR Handle extends beyond mere convenience. It's a strategic choice for creators who prioritise nuanced performance and cinematic finesse in a manageable form factor. This compact powerhouse belies its size with capabilities that satisfy the rigorous standards of discerning filmmakers. Its suite of features includes real-time eye AF for capturing sharp subjects, precise manual focus options for complete creative control, and compatibility with an array of power zoom lenses, thereby suiting it to a broad spectrum of shooting situations.

With superior 16-bit RAW output, filmmakers have access to the highest level of post-production flexibility. Audio input options are also robust, including dual XLR inputs for high-quality sound recording. Storage needs are well catered to with dual CFexpress Type A/SD card slots, providing ample and secure data management. The ergonomic design integrates a high-resolution touch panel LCD screen, which simplifies changes to composition and framing, enhancing user experience and interaction.

Ideal for a wide array of film endeavours, from engaging documentaries to stunning short films, the FX30’s advanced image sensor ensures every nuance of your vision is captured with utmost fidelity. It’s built to adapt and excel in a diverse range of shooting environments, providing filmmakers with the tools necessary for translating creative ideas into compelling visual stories. The FX30’s cinematic image quality, supported by the S-Log3 gamma curve and 14 stops of dynamic range, is essential for capturing detail in both shadows and highlights.

Summary of Specifications

• The Sony FX30 is an accessible camera from Sony's Cinema Line that leverages S-Cinetone™ and S-Log3 to deliver professional cinematic imagery.

• It features a Super 35 format APS-C size Exmor R CMOS sensor that captures approximately 20.1 megapixels in video and 26.0 megapixels in stills.

• The BIONZ XR™ processor powers high-quality images and smooth operability.

• Its autofocus system is designed to be both reliable and precise.

• The camera introduces new Log shooting modes to enhance movie production

• Sensitivity ranges from ISO 100-32000, expandable to ISO 50-102400, with flexible AUTO settings.

• The 3.0-type LCD touchscreen has approximately 2.36M dots and offers extensive rotation and tilting for versatile monitoring.


Introducing the Sony Cinema Line FX30

Description Quantity
NP-FZ100 Battery2
AC Adaptor AC-UUE121
USB C - A Cable1
Mains Lead (for Power Adapter)1
XLR Mic Adapter1
XLR Port Cover2
Silver XLR Release Pin2
Micro USB Port Cover1
Microphone holder with clamp (with 2 connection screws)1
Port Cover (attached to camera)3
E Mount Body Cap1
BC-QZ1 Battery Charger1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Short XLR Lead1
Rubber Port Cover (on mic handle for 3.5mm Jack)1
NTG2 Shotgun Mic with softie1
iM2200 Black Flight Case1
USB Drive (Containing user manual)1
Plastic Terminal Cover1
SD UHS-II Reader/Writer1
Rubber Mic Grip Rings2
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