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Hire Sony FX30 Cinema Camera with XLR Handle

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Our thoughts

'The Sony FX30 is a proper little powerhouse. Built with almost the exact same body as the FX3, this model sports a cropped sensor, putting it at more accessible price point and allowing use of smaller, cropped frame lenses. The new 26.1-million-pixel BSI APS-C CMOS sensor renders wonderfully true-to-life colours and an impressive dynamic range up to 14 stops. 5-axis image stabilisation gives you ultimate freedom when you need to run and gun and speeds up your set-up time. Autofocus is unbelievably fast and accurate, and even supports eye AF, not just for people, but for animals and birds too, making it a great choice for wildlife films – the small lightweight and lightweight form factor makes it a dream for safaris.'

Firmware 2.0, April 2023

Sony has introduced updates to enhance high-end filmmaking. FX30 Version 2.00 includes highly requested features such as the ability to shoot DCI 4K in true 24.00p (4096 x 2160) with new format XAVC S-I DCI 4K (17:9).

In addition to true 24p, FX30 Version 2.00 now offers anamorphic lens desqueeze options of 1.3x and 2.0. When used with compatible lenses, focus breathing compensation minimises the shifts in the angle-of-view as the focus point shifts, with additional compensation available in post-production using Catalyst Prepare/Browse and the Catalyst Prepare Plugin. Other functionality has also been added to improve the camera’s ease of use, including the ability to switch from Standard Movie and S&Q Motion modes via the press of a button. File naming is now similar to our high-end CineAlta cameras such as the FX9, VENICE and VENICE 2, to ensure easy workflow.

Leap into the world of filmmaking

Sony's acclaimed line-up of Cinema Line cameras sets the standard for filmmaking, with beautiful cinematic imagery, high performance and highly efficient workflow. Enjoy hassle-free shooting with S-Cinetone™ and S-Log3 for high level grading plus numerous other features. The compact FX30 makes filmmaking more accessible than ever for up-and-coming creators.

Support for filmmaking
The FX30 captures stunning images with 6K oversampling and a true cinematic look. Its compact size lets you take it anywhere, and sophisticated AF and stabilisation features let you concentrate on composition, not the complexity of crews and rigging.

Designed for visual storytelling
The FX30's S-Cinetone picture profile gives you a beautiful cinematic look straight out of the camera. Features like Dual Base ISO and Cine EI are designed to provide gorgeous images for cinematic shooting and workflow.

Film industry experience allied with state-of-the-art imaging technology
The outstanding Cinema Line series of cinema cameras is built on decades of experience in the film industry and supported by Sony's sophisticated new technologies on the cutting edge of digital imaging.

Advanced technology for outstanding resolution
The FX30's back-illuminated Exmor™ R APS-C CMOS sensor captures memorable imagery with outstanding resolution and shallow depth of field. 6K oversampling compresses a vast amount of information into 4K recording and output, and the BIONZ XR™ processing engine enables natural gradations, realistic colour reproduction, low noise, and other image quality improvements.

S-Cinetone gives you a cinematic look without grading
The S-Cinetone picture profile provides cinematic-looking colour, skin tones and other visual aspects straight out of the camera, without the need for any post-production colour grading.

Infinite possibilities of expression with S-Log3
For production colour matching, and to access the full capabilities of the image sensor, the FX30 can shoot with an S-Log3 gamma curve. This gives you access to the FX30's expansive colour gamut and 14+ latitude, for true cinematic image quality during post-production colour grading.

User LUTs provide an accurate image preview
Customisable LUTs, both preset and user-supplied, can be applied to the FX30's LCD monitor and HDMI output to give you a better and more accurate idea of what your final image will look like.

10-bit 4:2:2 recording for greater editing latitude
The FX30 can record 10-bit 4:2:2 video internally when using Long GOP or All-Intra compression, providing more colour information so you can produce fuller, more natural gradations in post-production.

Flexible exposure mode handling
Cine EI offers wide latitude and the highest possible image quality, while Cine EI Quick simplifies setup by automatically switching the camera's base ISO. Flexible ISO provides the greatest flexibility for exposure settings.

Dual Base ISO (ISO800 / ISO2500)
With this feature you can manually set your base ISO to 2500 instead of 800 in low-light situations. Noise levels at both settings are about the same, so this gives you cleaner footage in low light.

Slow-motion images at up to 120 frames per second
With 4K recording at up to 120 frames per second with autofocus, you can create extraordinarily smooth 5x (max.) slow-motion imagery to expand your storytelling options.

Sophisticated tracking features let you concentrate on your shoot
The FX30 provides stable AF and flexible focusing for a wide range of shooting situations. Wide-area AF provides tenacious subject tracking across almost the entire frame, with Real-time Tracking based on Sony's unique, AI-based subject recognition. Real-time Eye AF ensures precise focus on the face and eyes, tailored to humans, birds and animals.

In-body image stabilisation for hand-held shooting
Active Mode is a 5-axis image stabilisation mode that uses a precision gyroscope sensor and optical compensation, enabling hand-held shooting at 4K resolution without a gimbal.

Compensation for focus breathing
In-camera Focus Breathing Compensation, when used with compatible lenses, provides more stable imagery by minimising the field-of-view shift that can occur when racking focus. Additional breathing compensation is also available in post-production software, supported by camera metadata.

Ready to go wherever you shoot
Compact and light in weight, the FX30 can be operated in combination with gimbals and drones, or with a variety of attached equipment. It's designed to withstand long shoots, with sturdy construction suited to harsh conditions.

Designed for mobility and comfortable operation
Weighing in at 646 g with battery and memory card (951 g with the XLR handle unit), the FX30 features a distinctive flat-top design that's suitable for either handheld shooting or gimbal mounting. The camera grip has been designed to provide optimum flexibility, stability, and comfort for extended handheld shooting sessions.

Three thread holes in the XLR handle unit for accessories
External monitors, recorders, batteries, video lights, extension grips, wireless microphone receivers, or other add-ons can be stably and securely attached to the FX30's XLR handle unit.

Reliable operation for long shoots at 4K
With its highly efficient cooling system and stable power supply (from a high-capacity Z battery or via USB PD), the FX30 is designed to keep working reliably over extended shoots.

Durable magnesium alloy chassis
The main body and covers of the FX30 are constructed from a lightweight magnesium alloy to enhance durability and performance even in challenging environments.

Quick access to frequently used features
While shooting, you can access frame rate, shutter speed, and other essential shooting parameters via a list-style main menu. Display of the main menu can be assigned to a custom button so that parameters can be quickly checked and edited as needed prior to shooting. Separate main menus optimised for movies and stills are provided.

Two CFexpress Type A and SD card compatible media slots
CFexpress Type A is the next standard for compact storage, with fast write/read speeds suitable for 4K movie recording at high bit rates. Dual slots enable either relay or simultaneous recording.

Flexible high-resolution touch-panel LCD monitor
A side-opening vari-angle rear monitor allows broad positioning and framing freedom. It's bright enough for easy outdoor daytime viewing, and it incorporates a swipe-to-access function menu.

Broad connectivity in a compact body
An HDMI Type-A connector can be used for external recorders and display devices. Other connectors include USB Type-C®, Multi/Micro-USB, mic, headphone, and a Multi Interface Shoe with built-in digital audio interface.

16-bit RAW output via HDMI
For demanding workflows, 16-bit RAW output is available over HDMI connection to compatible external recorders. RAW video output is 4672 x 2628 [16:9] resolution, exceeding DCI-4K resolution.

Solid grip design
Designed for solid support and a comfortable hold even over long movie shoots.

Memorable imagery from the Exmor R sensor
Outstanding resolution provided by back-illuminated Exmor R APS-C CMOS sensor and Super 35 format.

Durable magnesium alloy chassis
Lightweight magnesium alloy enhances durability and performance.

16-bit RAW output via HDMI
RAW output is available to compatible external recorders.

Flexible touch-panel LCD monitor
A side-opening vari-angle rear monitor allows positioning and framing freedom.

Two CFexpress Type A compatible media slots
CFexpress Type A delivers fast write/read speeds for high bitrate 4K recording.

Expandable to meet your needs
Whether it's finding the perfect lens for your shoot, choosing the best external audio source or accommodating post-production workflow requirements, the FX30 has you covered.

One Mount: connect seamlessly with E-mount
The One Mount concept is based on Sony's E-mount platform of interchangeable lenses. The FX30 is compatible with all E-mount lenses, so you can choose the right lens for any situation.

Choose your audio input source
The FX30's XLR handle unit includes two XLR audio inputs, enabling quick and easy connection to a variety of external XLR microphones to capture a high-quality audio track.

Enhanced image stabilisation and easier workflows with Catalyst
The FX30 records a wealth of metadata for use with Sony's Catalyst Browse Prepare application, including camera shake, camera rotation, breathing compensation, embedded LUTs and shot marks.

Pursuing a sustainable product ecosystem
Measures for the environment include using recycled materials in production; managing environmental impact throughout the supply chain; using renewable energy in production; and using recyclable non-plastic packaging materials.

Environmental measures with the FX30
The SORPLAS™ material used in the construction of the FX30 is repeatedly recyclable, durable, oil resistant, and of high quality. Other recyclable materials are also used for our camera bodies as much as possible, reducing stress on the environment without compromising performance or functionality in any way.

Specifications & Features

The compact, very accessible FX30 brings up-and-coming visual storytellers into the world of Sony’s highly acclaimed Cinema Line cameras. Drawing on cinematic colour science with S-Cinetone™ and S-Log3 for grading, it produces stunning cinematic imagery while incorporating a full array of workflow-efficient features.

• Outstanding imagery from a Super 35 format, APS-C size back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor

• BIONZ XR™ processing power for high image quality and operability

• Dependable, accurate autofocus

• Cinematic colour science with S-Cinetone

• New Log shooting modes for movie production

Sensor type
APS-C type (23.3 x 15.5 mm), Exmor R CMOS sensor. Approx. 20.1 megapixels (effective) for movies, Approx. 26.0 megapixels (effective) for Still images, Approx. 27.0 megapixels (total)

ISO 100-32000 equivalent, AUTO (ISO 100-6400, selectable lower limit and upper limit), ISO 100-32000 (Expandable to ISO 50- 102400), AUTO (ISO 100-6400, selectable lower limit and upper limit)

7.5 cm (3.0-type), Approx. 2.36M dots, touch panel, Opening Angle:Approx. 176 deg., Rotation Angle:Approx. 270 deg.



Introducing the Sony Cinema Line FX30

Description Quantity
NP-FZ100 Battery2
AC Adaptor AC-UUE121
USB C - A Cable1
Mains Lead (for Power Adapter)1
XLR Mic Adapter1
XLR Port Cover2
Silver XLR Release Pin2
Micro USB Port Cover1
Microphone holder with clamp (with 2 connection screws)1
Port Cover (attached to camera)3
E Mount Body Cap1
BC-QZ1 Battery Charger1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Short XLR Lead1
Rubber Port Cover (on mic handle for 3.5mm Jack)1
NTG2 Shotgun Mic with softie1
iM2200 Black Flight Case1
USB Drive (Containing user manual)1
Plastic Terminal Cover1
SD UHS-II Reader/Writer1
Rubber Mic Grip Rings2

NEWS: Sony Announces FX30 APS-C Cinema Camera

NEWS: Sony Announces FX30 APS-C Cinema Camera

29 September 2022

Sony has announced the newest addition to the brand’s prestigious Cinema Line – the FX30 (model ILME-FX30). The new FX30 is a 4K Super 35 compact cinema camera that offers many professional features of the Cinema Line, such as Dual Base ISO, Log shooting modes, and user-imported LUTs.

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