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Whilst it is fair that say that whilst Olympus and Panasonic started the Mirrorless (or CSC as some call it) revolution, they most certainly do not have the market to themselves.  Sony and Fuji have forged forwards with astonishing pace.  Fuji first introduced the X-Pro 1 to great applause - its rangefinder type body appealed to true photographers and it is fair to say that Fuji has very much steered their market it that way - no great video or gimmicks, just good photos with an excellent range of lenses to support them.  The X-T1 moves the game on even further for them and has had a fair few questioning the need for an SLR.  Sony meanwhile has had increasing success with their A7 range, its USP being the full 35mm sensor (Fuji's APS-C whilst Olympus and Panasonic are Micro 4/3rds).  Their Mark II releases with 5 axis stablisation have moved the game on either further both from a stills and movie point of view.  If you're after speed, consider the A6000, with a frankly lightning ability to track subjects.

Panasonic's GH range has always been popular but possibly more so for motion rather than stills and the GH4 only builds on this with its 4K internal recording.  Sure, its smaller sensor is not great in low light but it has a great deal going for it.  Olympus' OMD-M1 has built its own justfiable reputation for being a formidable bit of kit - quick and excellent image quality.

The great thing is there is something for everyone and best of all, you can use adaptors to still keep your SLR glass (more so for the Sony E Mount than the others).  This is only the start for a market sector that will only increase in popularity and we're committed to stock a comprehensive range for you to try.

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