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Hire Canon EOS R5 C

Capture breathtaking 8K video and 45MP stills with our smallest Cinema EOS camera that’s ready for anything.

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Our thoughts

'Canon's latest hybrid beast has a vast swathe of features to offer both stills and video shooters. Featuring a 45-megapixel full frame sensor, it not only offers remarkable still image quality up to 20 frames per second, but can also manage stunning 8K internal recording, along with 120 frames per second 4K for buttery-smooth slow motion action. With its RF lens mount offering some of the most precise glass in the world, alongside class-leading autofocus technology and multiple RAW recording options, the R5 C is the absolute business. With its RF lens mount offering some of the most precise glass in the world, alongside class-leading autofocus technology and multiple RAW recording options, the R5 C is the absolute business.'


Key Features:

• High-Resolution Captures: 45 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor for capturing incredible detail and clarity.

• 8K Video Recording: Offering oversampled 4K / Full HD content and compelling 4K slow-motion up to 120fps.

• Advanced Autofocus: Ground-breaking Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology ensuring precise focus tracking.

• Flexible Lens Compatibility: Compatibility with a wide range of RF, EF, and Cinema Lenses.

• Compact and Durable Design: Featuring an active cooling system, allowing for longer recording duration, all in a lightweight frame.

• Advanced Connectivity: Multi-function accessory shoe and dedicated terminals for a myriad of connections.

Stills & Video Mode:
The EOS R5 C's capability to record 8K films and capture detailed 45MP stills within a single compact unit establishes it as a superior option for those seeking uncompromised quality and performance. The significant high frame rates play a pivotal role in rendering precise motion depiction, guaranteeing the clarity of every captured movement.

With burst speeds up to 20fps and ISO sensitivity as high as 51,200 ISO, the R5 C defies the norms and pushes the boundaries of what a camera can achieve. The mechanical shutter ensures precise timing and operation, facilitating optimal image capture in various situations. Whether you are in pursuit of capturing incredible landscapes or aiming to record high-quality cinematic sequences, this camera is ready to match your zeal.

Lens Flexibility with RF Mount:
The innovative RF mount ensures that users experience the unparalleled sharpness and clarity provided by cutting-edge RF lenses. It also offers compatibility with EF or cine lenses via the EF-EOS R Mount adapters, enabling you to explore a multitude of visual perspectives and achieve smooth and stable professional footage with the aid of advanced 5-axis Electronic IS.

Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Focusing:
The Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology incorporated in the EOS R5 C is a revelation in achieving fast, accurate, and reliable focusing. Its capacity to shoot at 20 fps is crucial for capturing fast-moving subjects with utter precision.

It brings to life Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel Focus Guide, assisting operators in focusing manually to achieve pin-sharp footage. But it’s not just about focusing; it’s about elevating the precision of every shot with the inclusion of Eye AF and EOS iTR AF X, allowing precise focus tracking, even when the subject is looking away from the camera.

Advanced Connectivity:
The EOS R5 C has multiple connection options. These options include XLR/stereo mic input, timecode terminals, 3.5mm mic, headphones, micro-HDMI, flash sync, and USB-C. The inclusion of SD card slots and RAW output via HDMI enhances the camera’s versatility and adaptability to various workflows. The integration of Wi-Fi Bluetooth technology facilitates seamless wireless connectivity, enabling efficient data transfer and remote camera operation.

A Compact Companion with Active Cooling:
This compact and lightweight Cinema EOS camera comes with an OLED viewfinder, a bright articulating LCD screen, and 13 user-assignable buttons, offering customisable convenience and ease of use. The inclusion of an active cooling fan ensures long-duration recording, making it an ideal companion for those long shooting schedules, whilst its tough magnesium alloy body guarantees professional durability.


In conclusion, the Canon R5 C is a true representation of technological advancement in the field of photography and videography. It brings forth a plethora of features like high-resolution stills, 8K raw video, dual pixel CMOS AF technology, and an active cooling system, proving to be an unparalleled choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

It internally records every detail with meticulous precision, offering a wide dynamic range and minimised noise, ensuring immaculate image and video quality in varied lighting conditions and catering to the needs of the most discerning professionals.

Description Quantity
Cable Protector and Clamp1
LP-E6NH Battery2
Camera Strap1
LC-E6E Battery Charger1
IFC-100U Interface Cable (C Type)1
Body Cap1
Rubber port cover5
CFExpress 128GB Memory Card (in camera)1
Extreme PRO CFexpress Reader1
USB Cable1
iM2100 Black Flight Case1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
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