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Our thoughts

'The Canon EOS R3 is a game-changing device that will revolutionise the way you experience photography and videography. Not only an ideal choice for professional photographers and film production companies but also a must-try for photography enthusiasts. The combination of a full-frame sensor, 30fps burst shooting, high-quality video capabilities, and an electronic viewfinder with 5.7 million dots guarantees you're getting the absolute best that Canon has to offer. Canon's cutting-edge Eye Control AF technology allows you to control the focus point simply by looking at it – a feature that significantly enhances the photographer's experience and control over each shot. The R3 is more than just a new camera; it's a testament to Canon's commitment to pushing boundaries in the photographic field.'  



The Canon EOS R3 is not your ordinary mirrorless camera. It packs a powerhouse of features designed to cater to the needs of both professional and keen amateur photographers.

Here are some key features of this stellar camera:

Stacked Sensor:
The Canon EOS R3's back-illuminated, stacked sensor promises unmatched image quality and efficiency.

24 Megapixel Resolution: Enjoy a fine balance of image quality, high ISO performance, and manageable file sizes with a 24-megapixel resolution.

Subject Tracking: The camera automatically tracks people, animals, and vehicles in both photo and video modes.

Eye Control AF: A feature that allows you to select focus points or subjects to track simply by looking at them.

6K RAW and 4K 120p Video: Experience exceptional video quality with 6K RAW and 4K 120p video recording options.

30fps Burst Rate: Capture every detail with a continuous shooting rate of up to 30fps, or 12 fps with a mechanical shutter.

Max ISO 102,400: Experience extreme sensitivity ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 102,400, expandable to ISO 204,800.

Electronic Viewfinder: The Canon R3 comes with a blackout-free 5,760,000-dot electronic viewfinder that we feel outperforms optical viewfinders.

WiFi & Bluetooth: Experience seamless wireless connectivity for remote control and image transfer.

Battery Life: Featuring a long-lasting LP-E19 battery, the Canon R3 ensures you never miss a crucial moment.

The Canon EOS R3 is an absolute game-changer. It's an ideal companion for sports and wildlife for both still photography and video shooting. As compared to traditional camcorders and hybrid cameras, the Canon EOS R3 outpaces and outperforms with its 30 frames per second burst shooting, 4K 120 frames 10 bit uncropped video, and a stunning 5.7 million dot electronic viewfinder.

Canon's commitment to sport and wildlife shooters is evident in the R3's unique feature of Eye Control AF. It enables the user to control the camera's focus points simply by looking at them, making it an extremely user-friendly device. The camera also features advanced subject tracking for people, animals, and vehicles, – particularly handy for high-speed subjects. You will also appreciate the robust dual SDHC card support with UHS II capability for storing your high-resolution files.

With its smart controllers, the EOS R3 allows pre-registration of people for the camera to detect and track. This is especially helpful when there are multiple faces in the frame.

As for the EOS R3's video capabilities, it stands out with a Full HD at 240fps feature. It also provides IS wobble correction and a time-lapse video function.

The Canon EOS R3 is not just a camera; it is a fusion of unparalleled still-photo and video performance. You can record 4K, as well as 6K RAW footage, internally to a CFexpress card, providing maximum flexibility for post-production adjustments like white balance and exposure levels. Furthermore, the Canon Log 3 feature offers a broader dynamic range and colour grading possibilities.

The EOS R3 also comes equipped with a new multifunction accessory shoe that provides data communication and power for new accessories, acting as a hotshoe for existing Speedlites and triggers.

This exceptional camera isn't just a stand-alone masterpiece; it's designed to fit right into your existing system. It's powered by a high-capacity LP-E19 battery, the same as the EOS-1DX series, ensuring compatibility and convenience. With a high-resolution Vari-Angle screen and dual card slots compatible with SD cards (with support for UHS-II) or super-fast, next-generation CFexpress media, the EOS R3 is a comprehensive solution to your photography needs.


The Canon EOS R3 truly represents the future of mirrorless cameras. With its extraordinary combination of speed, intuitive design, and innovative technology such as the Eye Control AF, it's a standout choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Whether your passion lies in sports, wildlife, or filmmaking, the EOS R3's impressive dynamic range, high ISO performance, and shutter speeds promise top-tier image quality. The addition of the electronic viewfinder and an impressive battery life only further enhance this camera's appeal.

The Canon EOS R3 is a stellar combination of advanced features and intuitive user experience. Its impressive tracking capabilities, extraordinary electronic shutter speed, and mind-blowing 30 frames per second burst rate make it a fantastic choice for professional photographers and videographers.

Whether you're shooting high-speed sports events, serene wildlife scenes, or creating movie-quality videos, the Canon R3 review has you covered. And with its long-lasting LP-E19 battery, you can shoot for longer periods without the worry of running out of power. Let the Canon EOS R3 hire redefine your perception of what a camera can do.


The EOS R3 is great for action photography, and a recent firmware update adds even more features ideal for shooting action and sports, including a custom high-speed burst setting that supports up to 195fps and an additional high-speed 240fps Full HD video recording option. Significant new features for the EOS R3 include enhancements to the autofocus capabilities, making it possible to pre-register people for the camera to detect and track based on a priority set in the camera, even when there are other faces in the frame. A new Panning Assist feature promises even sharper results when you're shooting subjects in motion.

New and enhanced photography key features:

• Register people priority
• Panning Assist
• IBIS High Resolution
• Custom high-speed continuous shooting
• Merging focus-bracketed shots in-camera
• Assign a crop/aspect ratio button
• Speedlite EL-5 support

New and enhanced video key features

• Full HD at 240fps and time-lapse video
• IS wobble correction

New and enhanced workflow key features

• Automatically apply protect to images during FTP transfer
• Batch convert HEIF files
• Cloud processing for RAW files
• Save network comm settings to card
• Auto White Balance applied more quickly in viewfinder


Introducing the EOS R3 (Canon Official)

Description Quantity
LP-E19 Battery2
CFExpress 128GB Memory Card (in camera)1
ER-L1 Strap1
LC-E19 Battery Charger1
Cable Protector and Clamp1
Mains Lead1
RF Mount Body Cap1
IFC-100U Interface Cable (C Type)1
Extreme Pro CFexpress Card Reader & USB Cable (C Type)1
Battery Compartment Cap1
Sync Port Rubber Port Cover (attached)1
Rubber eye piece (attached to viewfinder on camera)1
iM2200 Black Flight Case1

AD-E1 adapter required for many flashguns and accessories, if you are not sure as to whether or not you require it, feel free to get in touch.

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