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Canon C300 Mark II in stock

11 November 2015

Canon C300 Mark II in stock

Well they are finally here!  It's been an interesting week since I found out the EOS C300 Mark II's were on their way.  I've had the naysayers saying why bother when you can have an FS7 for far less but equally I've had a lot of people who are interested in trying the camera out knowing that the imagery is going to be lovely - there is something about those Canon colours.

To deal with the subject of price, we've tried to make it as cheap as we can.  The honest truth is I've priced it at a very good price considering its cost (good job I was sitting down when I got the bill!) - I want to get the camera into people's hand and the major obstacle has been the price.  Compared to an FS7 with adaptor, the C300 Mark II is £49 more for a day (obviously less per day for longer hires).  We're still waiting for Canon to release the highpower batteries (so I am sorry, for the first two weeks they will only come with the standard one) but we'll include two of those along with a 64gb CFast II card.  We have additional cards available if you need them.

There is a huge amount to like about the camera and the fact you can just pick it, attach your lenses (without adaptors) and just shoot knowing it will just work day after day surely is the reason the C300 did so well in the past?  I know people wanted more from it and I hope that Canon will be able to update it in the future.

You can find out more about hiring the camera here.