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JUST ANNOUNCED: Canon RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM

09 July 2019

JUST ANNOUNCED: Canon RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM


London, UK, 09 July 2019 – Canon Europe, world leader in lens manufacturing, today expands its RF lens range with the launch of the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM – its newest lens for creative enthusiasts starting out on their journey with the EOS R System. Endorsed by renowned Canon Ambassador and action photographer Richard Walch, the compact lens offers huge creative scope with its 24-240mm 10x zoom range that captures exceptional full-frame images. Aimed at those motivated by expressing creativity through photography, particularly for the genre of travel, this lens is highly versatile – capturing everything from wide-angle shots to telephoto close ups, in stunning quality.

Following the development announcement of six RF lenses in February and the recently launched RF 85mm F1.2L USM, the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM is the second lens to be introduced by Canon in 2019 and has the highest zoom in the range. All six RF lenses will offer incredible quality and versatility for those looking to get the perfect shot with the EOS R System.

Impressive and affordable full-frame zoom

At 750g, the compact and portable RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM has an incredible weight to focal length coverage ratio. With its 10x zoom, variety of focal lengths and variable f/4-6.3 aperture, this lens is the ideal choice for creative, enthusiast photographers looking to achieve the highest versatility possible from the EOS RP camera and RF lens system.

Giving photographers expanded scope for creativity, the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM’s 24mm wide angle focal length is ideal for group photos, landscape and cityscape photography; while the lens’s 240mm telephoto length is ideal for photographing mid-distance sports, events, wildlife and people. With its diamond knurled focus/control ring and large, lockable zoom ring with 100° rotation, the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM gives users immediate, precise control to capture the beautiful and interesting things they see with the best shot possible. The large diameter and short back focus of the RF mount allows for the lens to be designed with large rear elements, maximising image quality and therefore allowing photographers to express their height of creativity.

Canon 24-240mm hire

Exceptional image quality with AF and stabilisation

With its five-stop image stabilisation the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM is the first full-frame lens with Dynamic IS, providing photographers with incredible stability when hand-held – even at very low shutter speeds – allowing photographers to push their creative boundaries. This key feature allows for the capturing of crystal-clear shots in low light and stable movies – the latter which has a 1/8 stop aperture control – perfect for those spontaneous photo and video opportunities whilst on the move. With Nano USM autofocus, which combines the benefits of STM and ring USM, across 88 per cent horizontal by 100 per cent vertical of the frame with Dual Pixel CMOS AF – the lens is fast and quiet and smooth in movie, allowing photographers to achieve quality footage.

Deluxe look and feel, perfectly matching the EOS R System

A great pairing with Canon’s lightest full frame mirrorless camera – the EOS RP - the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM gives creative enthusiasts the full benefits of the EOS R System with a native lens. The EOS R System, launched in September 2018, delivers unrivalled optical excellence, the world’s fastest autofocus* and faster communication between camera and lens, thanks to the newly designed RF mount. Fast performance, superb ergonomics and superior, uncompromising, image quality remain at the heart of the EOS R System and this lens is no different.

Canon 24-240mm hire

Canon Ambassador and action / sports photographer Richard Walch recently completed a 12-day voyage along the coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirkenes. In his kit bag was a RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM.

On using the lens, Walch said: “I wanted to take this lens on a journey to test its true ability. My mission was to find the counter perspective; land to water and water to land. With its great versatility I wanted this lens for those spur-of-the-moment captures along my travels. Norway’s beauty is astounding – and when you find yourself in a place of greatness such as this you feel compelled to do the landscape justice with outstanding imagery. This lens is the perfect travel lens and an ideal choice for photographers entering the world of the EOS R System – it is compact and light, yet does not compromise on quality. For those looking to push their creative boundaries on the go – I’d highly recommend the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM.”

Key Features

• 24-240mm Zoom Range

• 5 Stop IS with Dynamic IS

• Aspheric and Ultra-Dispersal Lens Elements and Super Spectra Coating

• Circular 7-Bladed f/4-6.3 Aperture

• Nano USM Autofocus

• Switchable Focus/Control Ring

• Built in DLO Proļ¬le and Electronic Distortion Correction

Capture It All With the RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM Lens:


The RF 24-240mm F4-6.3 IS USM will be available for hire, HERE.

*Correct at time of launch (5th September 2018) and based on testing of available full-frame mirrorless cameras.