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JUST ANNOUNCED: Fujifilm releases GF30mmF3.5 R WR

30 June 2020

JUST ANNOUNCED: Fujifilm releases GF30mmF3.5 R WR

Tokyo, June 30, 2020 ― FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it will release the wide-angle prime lens, “FUJINON Lens GF30mmF3.5 R WR”, in late July 2020. It will be a new addition to the line-up of interchangeable GF lenses designed for the GFX Series of mirrorless digital cameras, incorporating the large format sensor, about 1.7 times larger than a full frame 35mm sensor. 

The GF30mmF3.5 R WR lens, the 12th GF lens in Fujifilm’s line up, has the maximum aperture of F3.5 and the focal length of 30mm (equivalent to 24mm in the 35mm film format). It realises ultra-high resolution that captures images in the finest detail and has compact design that offers excellent portability. Users can carry it everywhere with ease to take high-quality pictures, making it a perfect choice for snapshots in streets and landscape photography at travel destinations.

GF lenses are Fujifilm's highest grade lenses that deliver ultra-high resolution performance and wide tonal reproduction. GF lenses use Fujifilm's exceptional optical design technology and production technology that process lens surfaces with the precision at a submicron level. When mounted on the FUJIFILM GFX100, released in June last year, GF lenses bring out the full performance of its 102MP image sensor, delivering high-quality imagery by utilising Fujifilm's unparalleled colour reproduction technology.

The new GF30mmF3.5 R WR lens is optically designed with 13 lens elements in 10 groups, including two aspherical elements and two ED elements to control spherical aberration and chromatic aberration, achieving astonishing image sharpness. Its compact design, weighing just 510g and measuring 99.4mm in length, provides excellent portability. In addition, the lens is dust and weather resistant and capable of operation in temperatures as low as 10°C, facilitating photography in light rain or in dusty outdoor areas. These features make the GF30mmF3.5 R WR highly reliable, and suitable for professional photographers. The use of the Inner Focus system enables fast, quiet and highly accurate autofocus (AF). The design also reduces focus breathing to just 0.05%, making the lens perfect for shooting both stills and video.