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NOW IN STOCK: Ronin 4D 6K with E Mount Adapter

23 February 2022

NOW IN STOCK: Ronin 4D 6K with E Mount Adapter

Here at Hireacamera we are beyond excited to have the new DJI Ronin 4D 6K in stock. The Ronin 4D 6K is a 4-axis gimbal with a built-in, full-frame interchangeable lens Zenmuse Z9 camera, it really is the full package. This system opens up a world of possibilities and freedom that, until now, directors could only dream of. It truly is a game changing piece of kit that promises to transform the way filmmakers operate from now on.

A carbon fibre and aluminium magnesium structure means the whole system weighs a fraction of any set-up currently available and integrates DJI’s ground-breaking stabilisation and focusing systems, as well as wireless transmission and control. Plus, the fact the camera is built- in means you’ll save precious time balancing it, even when you change lenses the system can quickly adapt – saving you crucial time on set.

The true POV angles the Ronin 4D can produce will make your audience feel like they’re right there in the scene – be that running down an alleyway in hot pursuit or inside the getaway car, and to further enhance this effect, the Ronin 4D also allows you to reduce the stabilisation effect, or even turn it off completely to give the scene a more chaotic, frenetic feel should you wish.

Autofocus is a dream as DJI has incorporated a LiDAR focusing system, which offers "43,200 ranging points reaching as far as 10 meters, locating subjects quickly and accurately, even in low-light environments. AF tracking locks onto the subject even during fast paced scenes and will recognise a face and hold on, even when the person turns around. You can instantly override the autofocus using the built-in follow focus should you want to finetune or zone in on another area.

The Ronin 4D has a wonderfully ergonomic design; a handle on each side gives you steady balance and you can reach all the important controls with your thumbs without moving your hands for seamless operation. These handles can be removed and fitted to the wireless monitor which allows you to control the camera from up to 20,000 feet away while the camera operator runs with the camera.

Now, onto image quality. The Ronin 4D boats DJI's flagship Zenmuse X9 sensor and the new DJI CineCore 3.0 image processing system. The sensor is full-frame, giving you beautifully cinematic imagery; built-in ND filters give you even more control and allow you to capture shallow depths of field even in bright light and 14 stops of dynamic range will help you retain every detail in high-contrast environments. It can shoot in Apple ProRes 4444 XQ which explains the fantastic dynamic range and also supports up to 6K/60fps and 4K/120fps video recording, delivering multiple options for professional-level creation.

Video can be recorded to media three different ways: to SSD via USB-C, to CFexpress Type-B cards via the internal card slot and directly to DJI’s own PROSSD 1TB SSD, which DJI claims ‘delivers the best performance and highest stability for internal recording at maximum resolution and frame rate.’

If you would like to be one of the first to try out the DJI Ronin 4D 6K, you can book it HERE.