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Zeiss Lightweight Zooms are coming!

12 September 2016

Zeiss Lightweight Zooms are coming!

So last week I posted up asking the question, should we stock the Zeiss Lightweight Zoom 21-100mm LWZ.3 lenses?

Well I'll cut to the chase, we've bought them in both Sony E and Canon EF Mount (of course being equipped with Zeiss' IMS, we could also offer Nikon F, MFT and PL).  Why?  Simply because having now had a play and discussed it at length with the lovely people from Zeiss, I think they will partner our FS7/C100MkII/C300MKII/Red very nicely.  The first thing that strikes you is just how light it is - it's just 2kg.  That's bonkers.  Okay, so it's only Super 35mm but that's the reason it's firstly so light and secondly a LOT cheaper than anything else Zeiss has done before - we're reckoning on having a hire price of just £100 per day.  But it still has that traditional Zeiss solidity being constructed from high quality materials.  Considering its focal range and the number of lenses you'd need to cover it, the cost suddenly looks pretty reasonable.

Zeiss Lightweight Zoom 21-100mm LWZ.3

We're expeciting our first lenses to appear around January when the first batch is released and we'll have them up on the website in the few weeks, should you want to get your hands on one first.