NEWS: Panasonic Eva 1 upgrade sees improved efficiency and multi-cam mode

31 January 2019 | Category: Motion

NEWS: Panasonic Eva 1 upgrade sees improved efficiency and multi-cam mode

Panasonic has announced its third firmware upgrade to the EVA1 camera which provides greater cost efficient and futureproofing for the handheld cinema camera.

The free upgrade is available this month (31 January 2019), with a key feature being a new HEVC H.265 codec that can record in 4K 50p/60p video with 4:2:0 10bit video sampling. Compared to the H.264 codec in version two, this allows up to twice the amount of compressed data, while maintaining the same high-quality resolution.

In addition, the upgrade sees support for a third party’s USB-LAN adapter, with Internet Protocol Control. This enables EVA1-Live multicam control with the advanced integration of CyanView Cy-RCP remote control panel.

Furthermore, new functions can be assigned to User Button for quick switching of shooting modes & framerates which simplifies system menu change.

Other functionality added as part of the upgrade include still image capture in playback mode, enabling the EVA1 to capture still JPEG images and store them on to the SD card. Additionally, the camera now allows two auto white balance presets, a focus indicator in the LCD head-up display, and SDR monitoring when shooting in HDR (HLG).

All of our Panasonic EVA1 cinema compact cameras have got the newest available firmware* and they are available for hire, HERE.

*At the time of writing, 31/01/2019.