VIDEO: How to Stream to Facebook Live Reliably – Teradek Vidiu Go

3 October 2019 | Category: Motion

VIDEO: How to Stream to Facebook Live Reliably – Teradek Vidiu Go


Livestreaming is a word that can strike fear in the hearts of many – but it need not. In this video Fin demonstrates how you can reliably stream to Facebook Live using the Teradek Vidiu Go and your choice of camera set up. The method we use here is called RTPM, and it can seem a little bit technical at times, but it is actually quite straight forward, and all it comes down to is using copy and paste.

The reason we decided to show you how to use the RTMP protocol is that – of the many methods of livestreaming – it is one of the most well-known and reliable, with a fewer number of variables. What’s great about using the Teradek Vidiu Go for your stream is that you can have just about anything plugged into it (provided that it has an HDMI or SDI connection) giving you real flexibility with your setup. You can use your favourite pieces of kit, and stream without compromising on production values.


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