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Hire RED Komodo 6K

The RED Komodo is a compact cinema camera featuring RED’s unparalleled image quality, colour science and groundbreaking global shutter sensor technology in a shockingly small and versatile form factor.

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Our thoughts

'At Hireacamera, we're continuously seeking to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology, and the RED Komodo 6K camera is a testament to that commitment. This camera packs a punch with its stunning 6K resolution, its dynamic range and its global shutter technology, all housed within an extremely compact form factor. The RED Komodo 6K transcends traditional filmmaking boundaries, enabling you to capture moments like never before. A product of RED's unrivalled engineering prowess, this camera pushes the envelope of image quality and innovation. Whether you're filming high-speed action or requiring detailed post-production flexibility, the RED Komodo 6K is an ideal choice. '  



Key Features of the RED Komodo 6K

The RED Komodo 6K offers a multitude of standout features that set it apart in the realm of cinema cameras.

• 6K Super 35mm Global Shutter CMOS Sensor: The Komodo 6K's sensor is both a technical marvel and a creative powerhouse. With 6K resolution, every frame is a piece of art, full of extraordinary detail and depth.
• Unparalleled Dynamic Range: Stay true to RED's legacy of superior dynamic range, and capture every nuance in even the most cinematically challenging scenes.
• Exceptional Movement Capture: The global shutter technology ensures fast-moving action is captured without any blurred or curved lines, providing perfect pixels in every shot.
• RED Prores 422 HQ: Harness unparalleled image quality, higher data rates and greater post-production flexibility with RED's advanced codec.
• 4K Output and High-resolution Touch Screen: With live 4K monitoring output, you can easily preview content and navigate menus on the go.
• Compact and Robust: Despite its plethora of advanced features, the RED Komodo 6K maintains an impressively compact form factor, making it a versatile companion for any shoot.

In-depth Look at the RED Komodo 6K

The RED Komodo 6K is much more than a camera; it's the ultimate filmmaking tool that has revolutionised the way we capture and interpret reality. It’s an extremely compact cinema camera that retains the RED’s unparalleled image quality and colour science. The RED Komodo 6K's Super35 CMOS sensor delivers exceptional image quality that truly reflects the world as our eyes perceive it. Additionally, the camera's global shutter technology ensures that you capture every moment without distortion, regardless of how fast the action is. Whether it’s the fluttering of a hummingbird’s wings or the intense action of a sports event, the RED Komodo 6K has it covered.

Firmware update V1.6.4 adds a host of new functions, such as timelapse modes, enhancing the camera's capabilities even further. Coupled with the support for 2K at 120 fps and 4K at 60 fps, allowing you to capture stunning slow-motion and timelapse footage.

The camera's robust data rates, up to 280 MB/s using RED Pro CFast and qualified CFast 2.0 memory cards, ensure you never have to compromise on quality or speed. Plus, the integrated dual-channel digital stereo microphones, and additional dual channel option via integrated 3.5mm audio jack provide top-tier audio quality that will live up to the exceptional visuals.

Renting RED Komodo 6K with Hireacamera

By choosing Hireacamera for your RED Komodo 6K hire, you're choosing quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. So, why wait? Discover the power and flexibility of the RED Komodo 6K and elevate your filmmaking journey to new heights.

Description Quantity
95Wh V-Lok Battery Pack (with D-Tap out)2
V-Lok charger1
BP-955 Battery1
256gb CFast Card1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)2
EF-EOS R Adapter1
Rear Lens Cap (RF)1
Body Cap1
PL Mount Body Cap1
RF Back Cap1
PL - RF mount T CINE Adapter1
Mains Adapter1
Power Lead for Power Adapter with UK Plug Adapter1
Top Mount Bar (with 2 attaching allen bolts)1
Antenna (attached to camera)1
V-Lok Plate (attached to camera)1
Thumb Turn with 2 Washers (attached to V-Lok plate)1
CG-940 Battery Charger1
1600 Black Flight Case1
USB 3.0 CFast 2.0 Reader1
USB Drive (Containing Manual)1
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