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Hire Canon EOS R6

Canon has hit the sweet spot of what serious enthusiasts and professionals are after from a general-purpose full-frame mirrorless camera. Built around the same weather-sealed magnesium alloy chassis as the EOS R5, it doesn’t skimp on advanced features or functionality and its 5-axis in-body stabilisation provides a staggering 8 stops of compensation with selected RF lenses. It feels every bit like a true EOS camera when it’s being used and presents the benefits of mirrorless with the only drawback being the time you need to give it to cool between 4K video recordings. As a stills camera it ticks all the right boxes if you don’t require the EOS R5’s resolution output.

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Our thoughts

'The Canon EOS R6 is a camera that seamlessly merges innovation with comfort – offering a suite of features wrapped up in a sturdy weather-sealed magnesium alloy chassis, similar to its sibling, the EOS R5. This model promises unparalleled stability with its 5-axis in-body image stabilisation, enabling an impressive 8 stops of compensation when paired with select RF lenses. It's a mirrorless camera that gives you the freedom to capture top-notch stills and 4K videos without any compromise on quality. The EOS R6 brings the unique attributes of mirrorless technology to the forefront, with the only trade-off being the cooling time between 4K video recordings, but when it comes to still photography, it ticks all the right boxes for professionals who don't require the EOS R5's resolution output.'  



Canon EOS R6: Key Features at a Glance

• Swift Captures: The Canon R6 can take 20-megapixel photos at 20 fps electronically or 12 fps mechanically, ensuring you never miss a moment.

• Cinematic Marvel:
Film with confidence, thanks to its 4K/60p capabilities, ensuring every frame is as vivid as reality itself.

• Crystal Clear Quality:
Boosted by its 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, it guarantees low-light prowess and dynamic range like no other.

• Accurate focus:
With 6072 AF points and a fast AF system, subjects remain sharp and in focus.

• Connect easily:
Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to share your creativity on your smartphone or in the cloud.

• Stay Steady:
The integrated 5-axis Image Stabiliser is here to curb camera shake, ensuring clarity in every frame.

Experience Canon's Mastery: The EOS R6

Canon's EOS R6 is a beacon of modern photographic technology. Seamlessly combining Canon's celebrated lineage with state-of-the-art features. It has excellent image quality and impressive video abilities. Its deep-learning AI makes it easy to capture fast-moving subjects. From the majestic flight of a bird to the subtle nuances of facial expressions, the EOS R6 understands it all. It has an electronic shutter for quiet and fast shooting, eliminating the noise and vibration of a traditional shutter. This camera’s excellence doesn’t just stop at stills. It’s a formidable tool for filmmakers who crave both quality and functionality. The autofocus system is a marvel, focusing swiftly even in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring your subjects are never lost in the blur.


The EOS R6 stands out in several respects. Its in-body stabilisation, which provides up to 8 stops of shake correction, can be invaluable for those operating in environments prone to camera shake, such as when utilising longer focal lengths and slower shutter speeds. The camera’s 20.1MP full-frame CMOS sensor offers the potential for capturing high-resolution images, ensuring wide dynamic range and detail, something that could be a deciding factor for those focused on large prints or in-depth post-processing.

The synergy between the EOS R6 and Canon's RF lenses is seamless. Plus, its capability to record 4K video at 60fps is perfect for those who balance their work between still photography and videography. With these attributes, it's clear why many photographers consider the EOS R6 an ideal choice. From urban scenes to natural landscapes, the R6 offers undeniable versatility and top-end performance.


Canon has announced major new firmware updates for EOS R6:

• New and enhanced workflow features
• Crop and resize during transfer
• Batch convert HEIF files
• Streamlined Custom White Balance
• Dual recording
• New and enhanced video functions
• IS wobble correction
• Canon Log 3
• New and enhanced photography feature
• Enhanced autofocus with vehicle tracking

Description Quantity
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Card Reader for UHS-I & UHS-II Cards1
LC-E6E Battery Charger1
USB Drive (Containing user manual)1
RF Mount Body Cap1
32gb Extreme Pro 300mb/s SDHC (in camera)1
iM2100 Black Flight Case1
Strap (ER-EOS R6)1
LP-E6NH Battery2
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