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Hire Canon EOS C70

The Canon EOS C70 is a new generation RF Mount Cinema EOS System camera featuring Canon’s 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor.

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Our thoughts

'The Canon EOS C70 is a great option for filmmakers who want a versatile and high-quality camera. It's a top choice for hire because it works well in many situations. The EOS C70 has a 4K Super 35mm sensor, making it easy to use for a variety of projects. It is also compatible with numerous Canon lenses. Its small and lightweight design makes it perfect for both pros and hobbyists. Hiring a Canon EOS C70 is a great choice. It is a flexible and reliable camera. It is compatible with a wide range of lenses. It's a popular choice for creative projects because of its great features and top-notch image quality.'  



The details

Streamlined Multi-Cam Production Workflows

The Canon C70 firmware update enhances multi-cam production capabilities with Canon's XC Protocol support. This enables smooth integration with multi-camera setups and direct management through the RC-IP100 remote camera controller (available separately) and the Canon Remote Camera Control App. With the Canon C70, users can enjoy versatile and efficient camera operation in various settings.

Enhanced Production Flexibility, Audio, and Focusing Functionality

Ideal for filmmakers working on documentaries or news gathering, the Canon C70 update offers enhanced production flexibility. The camera now allows operators to monitor up to four audio channels and enjoy Face and Eye Detection AF in both slow and fast shooting modes. New 4K Intra recording options provide higher image quality while maintaining efficient file sizes.

Expanded Compatibility with Canon Lenses

The firmware update ensures optimised lens performance with the Canon C70 by adding support for recently released Flex Zoom Cinema lenses and the Cine-Servo CN8x15 IAS S lens.

Versatile and Reliable: Your New Workhorse

The Canon C70 is designed with RF mount lenses in mind, featuring additional controls, environmental protection, and a convenient size. With a 4K Super 35mm sensor and DIGIC DV7 image processor, the camera delivers high-resolution images and 16+ stops of dynamic range.

Multiple Recording Formats and Pioneering Autofocus Technology

The Canon C70’s dual UHS-II SD card slots enable simultaneous or relay recording, and XF-AVC and MP4 recording options. Benefit from accurate and reliable autofocus, subject tracking, and face detection with Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DPAF) technology.

Professional and Practical Support Functions

Experience a smooth workflow with the Canon C70's Direct Touch Control, Auto ISO, Vertical shooting, and electronic Image Stabilizer. Its professional I/O interface includes customisable buttons, pro terminals, and advanced audio controls.

Compact, Lightweight, and Reliable

The Canon C70 boasts a compact design, complete with a multi-function grip, customisable dials, and a multi-directional joystick. The camera's lightweight carbon fibre polycarbonate body makes it ideal for use with drones, gimbals, shoulder rigs, FPV helmets, and vehicles.

Exceptional Dynamic Range

Experience an impressive dynamic range of up to 16+ stops with the Canon C70's dual gain sensor. This technology allows the camera to capture crisp details in both dark and bright areas, enhancing the overall image quality.

Hire the Canon C70 today and elevate your production capabilities with this versatile and powerful camera.

Description Quantity
Camera Strap1
Mic Holder1
NTG2 Shotgun Mic with softie1
USB Drive (Containing user manual)1
Rubber port cover9
iM2500 Flight Case1
CG-A20 Single Battery Charger1
64gb SDXC 300mb/s U3 V90 Memory Card (in camera)1
Tape measure hook (in place at the top of the camera body)1
RF Mount Body Cap1
Mains Lead (for Power Adapter)1
BP-A30 Battery Pack1
BP-A60 Battery1
CA-CP200 L Compact Power Adapter1
SD UHS-II Reader/Writer1
Top Handle (with attaching thumb turn)1
Cable Tidy (attached to top handle)1
Cable Tidy (attached to mic holder)1
Screw (attaching mic holder to top handle)2
Shoe Mount Bracket - 2 parts (attached to mic handle)1
Mini to Full XLR1
Leather wrist strap1

The EOS C70 has been checked for compatibility with a number of SD Cards from a variety of manufacturers, the following SD cards have been verified to work with the camcorder (as of December 2020):

Lens not included.

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