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Hire Sony a7 IV

The ALPHA 7 IV takes ‘basic’ to the next level for full-frame cameras with excellent image quality and performance, redefining the original standard set by the Alpha 7 III. 

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Our thoughts

'At Hireacamera, we have had the opportunity to work with numerous mirrorless cameras, but the Sony a7 IV has truly captured our attention and sparked genuine excitement. Despite being labelled as Sony's 'entry-level' full-frame mirrorless camera, it has proven itself to be much more than that in our hands. The Sony a7 IV surpasses expectations and defies its entry-level categorisation with its exceptional performance and features. From the moment we started using it, we were super impressed by its capabilities and versatility. The camera's image quality is outstanding, thanks to its full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor, which allows for incredible detail and dynamic range. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or action shots, the a7 IV consistently delivers stunning results. '



Key Features

• Newly Developed 33MP Full-Frame Exmor R CMOS Sensor: Capture even the most intricate details with staggering resolution.

• 15-Stops Dynamic Range:
Ensuring absolute clarity in varied light conditions with an ISO that's expandable to an astonishing 204800.

• High-Speed AF with 759 Phase-Detection Points:
Offering 30% better tracking of subjects, making every shot count.

• Dual Memory Card Slots:
An indispensable feature, ensuring uninterrupted shoots.

• Extended Battery Life:
More time shooting, less time charging.

• Hybrid Camera with Breathing Compensation:
A pioneering feature in the Alpha series that ensures consistency in every frame.

The Sony a7 IV shares a similar design with the Sony a1 and is renowned for its excellent build quality. Many photographers consider it a highly dependable option. With its newly developed Exmor R CMOS image sensor, it boasts a high resolution that visual creators worldwide venerate.

Its impressive shutter speed, combined with 693 phase detection AF points, allows users to continuously shoot with unmatched precision. This full-frame digital camera offers an expansive dynamic range and a unique full pixel readout, ensuring every shot is of the highest quality.

The a7 IV's in-body image stabilisation further enhances its shooting capabilities, while its Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates seamless transfers. Its phase and contrast detection, paired with the robust CMOS sensor, ensure that every moment is recorded beautifully.

Unparalleled Image Quality

Equipped with a full-frame image sensor boasting 33.3-million pixels, the Sony a7 IV sets a gold standard for high-quality photography. The dynamic range of this digital powerhouse ensures that every frame, whether taken in the soft, muted tones of a dimly lit cafe or under the glaring sun of a sandy beach, captures detail with unrivalled detail and precision.

The newly developed Exmor R CMOS sensor within its robust camera body ensures vibrant colours, sharper contrasts, and an exceptional ability to retain detail in both shadows and highlights. In addition to its high resolution, the camera's advanced phase detection and contrast detection capabilities guarantee fast and accurate autofocus, capturing fleeting moments with perfect accuracy.

Whether you're shooting beautiful portraits or dramatic landscapes, the Sony a7 IV continuously delivers shots that not only look impeccable on screen but are equally breathtaking in print.

Superior Autofocus Capabilities

The Sony a7 IV isn't just about breathtaking resolution; its autofocus system is nothing short of brilliant. With coverage that extends over approximately 94% of the image area, this camera ensures that each image is honed to perfection. The state-of-the-art phase detection and contrast detection mechanisms ensure rapid and razor-sharp focus, rendering every intricate detail perfectly.

Drawing advanced autofocus capabilities from its high-end sibling, the Sony a1, the a7 IV introduces Real-Time Tracking. This feature is great for photographers who want to capture fast-moving birds or quick facial expressions. It helps lock onto subjects and is incredibly useful. Whether you're delving into the world of action photography or seeking that elusive perfect portrait shot, the Sony a7 IV guarantees each frame is sharp, clear, and brilliantly defined.

Unprecedented Video Performance

When it comes to creating cinematic masterpieces, the Sony a7 IV stands out as an invaluable tool for both budding filmmakers and seasoned videographers. Drawing inspiration and technology from Sony's acclaimed Cinema Line cameras, the a7 IV boasts the S-Cinetone feature, which offers film-like colour rendering and tonality. This ensures every video frame resonates with emotion and depth akin to big-screen epics. The inclusion of 4K shooting capabilities at a 4:2:2 10-bit resolution guarantees visuals that are both vivid and lifelike, allowing filmmakers to weave their narratives with utmost fidelity and brilliance.

Moreover, the improved video AF capabilities enhance the camera's ability to follow subjects, add depth, and give videos a cinematic touch. Whether you're shooting a detailed documentary or an evocative short film, with the Sony a7 IV, you're not just recording video; you're crafting stories with a distinct professional touch.

Advanced Operability and Reliability

Dive deep into the world of photography without fretting over storage or operational hitches, thanks to the Sony a7 IV's advanced features. Equipped with dual memory card slots that seamlessly support both SD and CFexpress Type A cards, the camera ensures you have ample space for all your high-resolution content. Say goodbye to the frequent interruptions of memory card shuffling or concerns about running out of storage during those fast-paced shoots.

Moreover, the camera's remarkable battery life stands as a testament to its reliability. Gone are the days of anxiously glancing at the battery icon or pausing sessions to charge. With the Sony a7 IV, extended shooting sessions become standard practice, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your creative pursuits without any breaks or barriers.

Environmental Consciousness

In a time when sustainability is paramount, the Sony a7 IV takes a stand, reflecting Sony's dedication to our planet. At its core, the camera incorporates Sony's innovative recycled plastic, SORPLAS™, a testament to their commitment to reducing environmental impact.


The Sony a7 IV is a true leader in the realms of hybrid cameras. With its blend of impeccable imagery and video capabilities, it's the go-to for today's visual artists. Its dynamic range, image quality, and video prowess make it an invaluable tool.

The Sony a7 IV's unique status as a hybrid camera with focus breathing compensation is also especially appealing to video shooters. This pioneering feature ensures that the focus remains consistent throughout, offering a seamless transition between frames.


Introducing Sony a7 IV

Description Quantity
BC-QZ1 Battery Charger1
AC Adaptor AC-UUE121
USB C - A Cable1
NP-FZ100 Battery2
A7 IV Neck Strap (with 4 Plastic components attached)1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Mains Lead (for Power Adapter)1
SD UHS-II Reader/Writer1
64gb SDXC 300mb/s U3 V90 Memory Card (in camera)1
Metal strap clip with plastic cover (attached to camera)2
Rubber Port Cover (attached to Camera)4
E Mount Body Cap1
iM2100 Black Flight Case1
USB Drive (Containing user manual)1

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