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Hire Nikon Z 8 With FTZ II Mount Adapter

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'Here at Hireacamera, we're super impressed with the Nikon Z8. This high-speed, full-frame mirrorless camera offers an unmatched autofocus system, making it ideal for photographers seeking true precision. The Nikon FTZ II broadens the range of compatible Nikon Z and F mount lenses, increasing versatility. With a high dynamic range, fast shutter speeds and dual card slots, it’s designed for professionals who require a real robust performance. The Z8 shares features with other Nikon Z cameras but stands out with its AF and high frame rate capabilities.'  



The Nikon Z8 comes with a myriad of key features that offer cutting-edge capabilities to all photography and videography enthusiasts and professionals. Here are some to whet your appetite:

• Advanced Autofocus System: The Nikon Z8's autofocus system takes super clear pictures, even when the light isn't great. It can maintain focus on a moving subject or switch between subjects with incredible speed and precision.

• Impressive High-Speed Shutter: With exceptional shutter speeds, the Nikon Z8 can freeze fast-moving subjects in their tracks. Whether it's the moment a bird is taking flight or a footballer winning a goal, the Nikon Z8 will capture it with perfect clarity.

• Mount Adapter FTZ II: The FTZ II Mount Adapter lets the Z8 work with Nikon's older F-mount lenses. This means you can use your favourite Nikon lenses without compromising autofocus or image stabilisation capabilities.

• Double Card Slots: Nikon Z8 includes two card slots for flexible storage and data management. These slots support high-performance XQD, CFexpress Type B, and SD cards.

• High Dynamic Range: Experience unmatched image quality with the Nikon Z 8's high dynamic range. It enhances the details in both highlights and shadows, giving you more precise colours and incredible depth to your photos.

This Nikon Z camera body boasts a powerful 45MP full-frame sensor, ensuring every shot captures the minutest of details. This prowess extends from broad daylight to starlit darkness, complimented by its robust autofocus (AF) system.

The Nikon Z8 isn't limited to outstanding photography; it's also a remarkable tool for videographers. The camera is capable of recording in 4K or 8K, even allowing for slow-motion capture directly from the camera body. Alongside, it generates smaller Full-HD files when recording high-quality 8.3K or 4.1K video. This feature optimises your editing workflow and assures your frame rate never drops.

Truly user-friendy, the Nikon Z8 offers a tilting monitor and a crystal-clear viewfinder. It provides distinct displays for both photos and videos, plus rotating menus for vertical shots, thus providing an enhanced user experience. The Z8 shares a unique feature of pre-release capture, recording up to a second before you press the shutter button, making sure you never miss those fleeting moments. The Nikon Z8 stands out in low-light conditions, providing a clear focus on faces even when backlit, which is incredibly useful for weddings - where light may be out of your control. It sports two USB-C ports and dual card slots for rapid data transfer and concurrent recording.

Despite packing in all these features, the Nikon Z8 is lightweight at just 910g, fitting perfectly on any camera rig. It can be paired with Nikon's MC-N10 Remote Grip (not included) and many other accessories, allowing for a more comprehensive shooting experience. The Nikon Z8's camera body is tough enough to withstand any weather, with sturdy sealing to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture, proving that this camera is as resilient as it is functional.

Z8 Firmware Version 2.0 Update

A dedicated 'Birds' option has been added to the Z 8’s AF subject-detection options. In addition to increased detection, tracking and AF performance with complicated and high-contrast backgrounds such as forests and mountains, this option better enables the detection of birds in various circumstances, including flying, perched and even those with unique-looking appearances.

The Auto Capture function has been added, enabling the automatic shooting of stills and video when the subject meets one or more pre-configured criteria. The three criteria that can be configured is a 'Motion' option that detects subjects that move in a designated direction, a 'Distance' option which begins shooting when a subject is within a certain range of distances, and a 'Subject detection' option that detects people, animals, vehicles, or airplanes within the frame. 

Firmware version 2.0 adds Pixel Shift shooting, allowing users to create high-resolution photos by using dedicated software to merge multiple NEF (RAW) files recorded with the camera mounted on a tripod or otherwise stabilized. 

For portrait photographers, the addition of the Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control increases options for portraiture by realizing the rendering of portraits with rich tones while retaining skin details. This Picture Control is ideal for the creation of a base image in scenes where retouching is presumed, such as at weddings and for studio photography. In combination with the variety of other functions offered by Nikon for portrait photography, such as Portrait impression balance and Skin softening.

Other functions, and additional enhancements to operability and functionality:

The number of functions and operations that can be assigned to custom control has increased.

A function has been added that enables users to exit zoom with a half press of the shutter-release button when focus mode is set to manual focus.

New shutter sound and volume options.

An option that allows users to choose the width of focus-point borders has been added.

An option that allows users to choose not to record shooting orientation information in image EXIF data has been added.

A new 'Prefer focus point' (face priority) option that centers the display on a face when one is detected while scrolling through photos during playback zoom has been added.


So whether you're shooting a big wedding, an intimate family gathering or perhaps a fast-paced sporting event, you can trust the Nikon Z8 to deliver the goods every time. Try the Nikon Z8 today and experience the revolution in image making that this high-speed, full-frame mirrorless camera promises. In the hands of a passionate photographer or videographer, the Nikon Z8 is more than just a camera – it's a gateway to endless creativity.

Description Quantity
FTZ II Adapter (with front and back cap)1
Z Mount Body Cap (attached to Camera)1
MH-25a Battery Charger1
EN-EL15C Battery2
UC-E24 USB Cable1
Z Neck Strap1
Mains Lead (for Battery Charger)1
Cable Protector (in 2 parts)1
iM2100 Black Flight Case1
Rubber Port Cover (attached)3
ImageMate PRO Reader (with USB cable)1
64GB SDXC UHS-II v90 (in camera)1

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Full-sized HDMI.

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